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2017 the year I didn’t post

So it’s been literally over a year since I posted something onto this blog. In short, I’ve just had other things going on, from personal issues to work obligations. But I thought it might be a good time to just make a few points about 2017, the year that I didn’t blog. Here’s a grab bag of thoughts from this past year.

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Wrestlemania Preview

Wrestlemania is owned by the WWE. Wrestlemania 32 will air on the WWE Network April 3rd.

Wrestlemania is owned by the WWE. Wrestlemania 32 will air on the WWE Network April 3rd.

So it’s that magical time of year again, Wrestlemania season. That time of year where the Rock remembers he was wrestler and the internet wrestling community goes on a rant about how Roman Reigns/John Cena is super lame. Despite all the part time wrestlers and internet hate, this year could be a big year for oily men in colourful underwear.

So with the show just around the corner lets take a look at the important matches and angles going into Wrestlemania 32 (or Wrestlemania Dallas…cause that’s what Vince McMahon wants…).

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NXT Takeover: Dallas Preview

NXT is owned by WWE. NXT TakeOver: Dallas will air live on the WWE Network.

NXT is owned by WWE. NXT TakeOver: Dallas will air live on the WWE Network Friday April 1st.

With it being Wrestlemania season, the WWE kicking off it’s biggest weekend with their own Super Indy/Feeder league NXT. This time the mini promotion takes over the Dallas’s Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre with arguably their biggest show.

So before we get into the big Sunday show, let’s talk about the real show… Continue reading

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Image owned by WWE

Image owned by WWE

Sadly the news that every wrestling fan feared was true, Daniel Bryan has to retire from Pro Wrestling. While his WWE run might be his best known work in the general sense, here are some fun matches from his early career before his name change. Cue the Final Countdown… Continue reading

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Royal Rumble HangOver

Royal Rumble is owned by World Wrestling Entertain, Inc.

Royal Rumble is owned by World Wrestling Entertain, Inc.

Much like Christmas the WWE’s Royal Rumble event comes once a year and with it comes the joys of wishing and hoping for all the big matches to come over the next few months till WrestleMania. That being said, the last few Rumbles have been a bit of a let down (to say the least). But with this being the “biggest” WrestleMania ever, the WWE needed to hit this one out of the park and get more happy eyes on the product.

Did they do that? Yes and no. Let’s discuss… Continue reading

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WrestleMania Hangover

WrestleMania 31 is owned and promoted by WWE.

WrestleMania 31 is owned and promoted by WWE.

So it’s Monday, the day after WrestleMania 31 (or Play Button) and it’s been quite a few days worth of “sports entertainment.” On top of the classic amount of 3 Hour Raws, Smackdowns and NXTs the WWE Network added even more content with the addition of two, two hour update shows on Thursday and Friday, the Hall of Fame with it’s own hour long red carpet and of course the four hour event with a two hour pre-show. Together that’s a staggering 19 hours of content in a week.

So much like the college student who spends the whole spring break at the bottom of a glass, let’s try and review some of the stuff that went down for WrestleMania.  Continue reading

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D&D Watches – the Condemned

Vimeo Link.

What happens when you take Battle Royale and insert Steve Austin? You get the second film in our WWE Film Double Feature, The Condemned. Watch as Austin beats down Vinne Jones in a crossover that hasn’t happened since the 1998 British PPV Capital Carnage…yes Derek really is that nerdy of a Wrestling fan. Also isn’t Steve Austin’s theme the most badass thing ever?

Tune in next week for Zenon: The Future Girl…yep.

The Condemned is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment.

Video by Denis Umpleby

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NXT Takeover: R Evolution

The real reason to pay $9.99...or $11.99 in Canada.

The real reason to pay $9.99…or $11.99 in Canada.

Last week, we talked about the last NXT Special, Fatal 4 Way, and it’s so-so card filled with a few moments of gold and jobber matches. This week it’s time for a all new live special from Full Sail University in Florida.

So let’s take a look at NXT Takeover: R Evolution. Continue reading

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D&D Podcast: Assaulting your ears with sound


Download or stream the episode here.

Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s just another D&D Podcast. One this action packed episode the two talk about the Suicide Squad, CM Punk and the WWE’s falling out, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part One, the new Star Wars trailer and Denis reads tweets while Derek doesn’t care. Really it’s something.

Track of the Week: Lupin the III Theme – Yuji Ohno

Follow the guys on Twitter: @dereknoelmorton, @denisumpleby.

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Nerd News: Sept 27 – Oct 3


Nerd News Returns! Yes I’ve been lazy long enough and the news doesn’t stop, so here are some of the stories making headlines this week.

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