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2017 the year I didn’t post

So it’s been literally over a year since I posted something onto this blog. In short, I’ve just had other things going on, from personal issues to work obligations. But I thought it might be a good time to just make a few points about 2017, the year that I didn’t blog. Here’s a grab bag of thoughts from this past year.

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Fan Expo Canada 2016

So it turns out, neither myself or Denis had been to Fan Expo before, this year we changed that. What follows is a factual if not a little too shaky look at our day.

Thanks to RedMeat Games for letting Denis try out their VR. Thanks to Sony for letting us wait 2 and a half hours to try their VR…I’m not kidding…

Recorded on Lumix GH4 and LG G4

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@denisumpleby and @dereknoelmorton

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A hiatus that lasted too long

Sooooooo…it’s been a long time since we last spoke, and that’s my fault. Over the past few months there has been a lot going on in my life. In short, 90% wasn’t good so I wasn’t into the idea of keeping up to date with with blog.

Now with things (hopefully) calming down it’s time to try and (fart out) craft some posts for the many geek topics to come like; more comic book news, Movies, WrestleMania stuff, Anime reviews and so on.

So here’s hoping that I’ll see you all a lot more in the upcoming weeks…


Nerd News: November 15 – 21

Five pop culture news items from the week of November 21st 2014. This week we talk; wrestling TV deals, new films based upon of comic stripe, another movie brought to TV, an anime classic on DVD and another Netflix revived show.

Intro and technical support: Denis Umpleby (@denisumpleby)

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Nerd News: November 1 – 7

Wow it’s Nerd News, but in Video form! This is the first in a series of tweaks to the Nerd News posts. This is a learning process, so please be patient.

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Nerd News: Oct 25 – 31


Happy Halloween. Here’s some of the stories making the rounds this week. Continue reading

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Nerd News: October 18 – 24


Spend the week under a rock? Then here are the important movie, comics, TV and anime news you need to know.

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Nerd News: October 4 – October 10


It’s the end of the week which means it’s time to recap what you might have missed. Here’s Nerd News. Continue reading

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Nerd News: Sept 27 – Oct 3


Nerd News Returns! Yes I’ve been lazy long enough and the news doesn’t stop, so here are some of the stories making headlines this week.

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Horror Month Coming Soon…

After a long ass break, the blog will be up and running in October with this years month of HORROR! (cue lighting and horses) Get ready for reviews of classic and not so classic horror films, TV specials, anime and video games.

From Vincent Price and his awesome voice, to some of Wrestling’s scarier moments (not for the reasons you’d think) to a trip down 90s nostalgia lane all will be looked at for the month of ghouls, ghosts and fun sized candy.

So prep your costumes (I’m a sexy blogger this year. What’s a sexy blogger? Me shirtless), dust off your Alice Cooper records and buy yet another version of Evil Dead of either DVD or Blu Ray (seriously how many additions are there?). Let’s get spooky…but not too spooky.

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