My smiling mug

My smiling mug

Who the hell are you?

I’m Derek Morton a freelance journalist living in the Greater Toronto Area. I’m a fan of comic books, films, television, pro wrestling, video games and anime. I like them so much that I write about them here on this blog.

What’s this D&D business?

The D&D podcast is product of a campus radio show I did for three years in college. The show was originally called DDT but when our T left we became just D&D (cause Double D sounded dumb). We talk about a number of trends in popular culture as well as rant about the things that bother us about said culture. Please listen…it’s all we have.

Do you take recommendations?

Yes I do take recommendations for reviews and articles. In addition I will also review things that are sent my way i.e. music, student films etc.

Where’s the pro wrestling stuff?

While I do love pro wrestling, I do have a hard time writing articles about it. I’m hoping to keep up with certain wrestling articles namely my Watch Good Wrestling and Chikara updates but my original Raw Recaps are long gone. I’m sorry to the three people who read them.

Why do you bitch about classic anime?

While I do enjoy modern anime, there’s something that’s special about some of the original titles released in North America i.e. Gatachman, Space Battle Ship Yamato, Lupin the Third and so on. These titles help popularize the medium and shouldn’t be ignored in the current time, so I have a tendency to talk about them.

To get a better idea of who I am, you should probably read this article I wrote about the Liebster Awards. It has a joke or to in it.

Please feel free to contact me at derek.n.morton@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter @DereknoelMorton and find me on Linkedin. Be Seeing you.

Guest Writers
Denis Umpleby
Amateur videographer and editor.
Denis is someone I met in college who shares my sarcastic wit and pop culture interest. He likes to join me for D&D Mixed review that contrasts our perspectives on films, and he occasional contributes his own work to this blog. He can be found on Twitter @denisumpleby, where he now spends most of his social media time aside from browsing YouTube.


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  1. nightwing17 says:

    Is that supposed to be a The Prisoner reference? It creeps me out either way.

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