First Impressions: Daredevil Season Two

Daredevil was produced by Marvel Television, ABC Studios and Goddard Textiles.

Daredevil was produced by Marvel Television, ABC Studios and Goddard Textiles.

Note this post is based upon the first four episodes of season Two.

Picking up months after the fall of Fisk, Daredevil opens with the law firm of Nelson and Murdock in finical trouble. While the trio had gained some success in bring Fisk to justice, the firm seems to only take cases where clients can’t pay. But the crew is given little time to think about their troubles as their newest client, a former runner for the Irish mob is nearly killed by a new vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen.

The new crime fighter is aiming to kill instead of hospitalize and is given the moniker of the Punisher by the NYPD. Seeing the damage that he’s leaving, Murdock tries to go after him. However, in the end and after two fights with the Punisher it becomes clear that both men are well matched and seem to respect each others work in their own ways.

After Daredevil saves Punisher from the remaining Irish mobsters, the two make peace as the police arrest the vigilante killer. Now with the Punisher gone Murdock hopes to take some quite time away from the devil suit but instead is greeted by Elektra, a ghost from his past.

The first four episodes of this season act as a fun first act for the new story. With the introduction of the Punisher, the ideals of Murdock are questioned in just how far he needs to go to help people. While he doesn’t condone the killing, he seemingly understands that under the crazed gunman their is someone whose lost people in his life. Despite the sense of connection the two are still at odds.

This difference is best brought up during the episodes New York’s Finest and Penny and Dime, where the two personalities are forced to interact with each other, not through fists but with words. The Punisher gets his time to shine as he expalins his doctrine and lays out why he and Daredevil don’t see eye to eye. This is taken farther in the latter episodes when Punisher describes that last day he spends with his daughter before his family is killed.

Both episodes show off just how well thought out the casting choice of Jon Bernthal is. He embodies the harshness of the character so well that he comes off so sympathetic when he eventually figures out that his revenge won’t change the fact that he’s alone.

Bookmarking the solid acting are impressively choreographed fight scenes. One of which at the end of New York’s Finest might be one of the best recorded in any format. While the first season had a excellent hallway fight, this season doubles down with two hallways and a staircase. With the use of hidden cuts, great pacing and stunt work the fight feels real and will impress any fan of kung fu action films.

Overall, the first four episodes of Daredevil season two feels like a great movie that just happened to be in TV show form. The production is great and the characters all seem to come off well rounded and realistic. Here’s hoping the next nine episodes follow suit.

Daredevil is produced by Marvel Television, ABC Studios and Goddard Textiles. The show is streaming on Netflix in all territories.

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