D&D Mixed Reviews: Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four was produced by 20th Century Films, Constantin Film, Marv Films, Robert Kulzar Productions and Marvel Entertainment. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Fantastic Four was produced by 20th Century Films, Constantin Film, Marv Films, Robert Kulzar Productions and Marvel Entertainment. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

More comic book movies? Then it’s time for another D&D Mixed Review. This time Derek and Denis will be looking at your least favourite super hero team in their newest reboot, the Fantastic Four. The review will be split into four sections; PLOT, PERFORMANCES, PRODUCTION and OVERALL FILM QUALITY. The review will then end in a score of SEE IN THEATRE, WAIT FOR STREAMING or PASS. But first here’s a look at the movies plot. 

Fantastic Four follows Reed Richards (Miles Teller) a science student who hopes to build a teleporter. After getting the attention of Frank Storm (Reggie E. Cathy) and his daughter Sue (Kate Mara) Richards is brought onto to work on a larger model. With the help of Frank’s son Johnny (Michael B. Jordon) and the project creator Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) they create a successful test run.

Despite this, the government tries to take control of the project so Richards, Johnny, Victor and Richards boyhood fried Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) secretly teleport to an alternate dimension on their own. After Doom is absorbed by energy from the other planet the three and Sue are hit by the dimensional waves leaving all of them with powers.

After spending a year training the group are brought back together to go through the teleporter once again this time for the government. However, they return with Doom, whose now twisted by the dimensions powers. Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny must team together and stop Doom before he destroys all of earth.


Sadly this film continues the trend of terrible summer films. However, this time the Fantastic Four seemingly tries to run a clinic on how to make a bad movie. If you’ve followed this film, you may have heard that there were some issues during production. Sadly these issues left this film feeling unfinished and terrible. The film opens with such great promise but after the middle of the film huge chunks of the movie feel left out. The plot then goes at a break neck speed and wraps itself up really before any character can learn anything other than, “Hey let’s work together to punch things.” This one is kinda sad.

Strange how we went to a movie during the summer and we left disappointed. It’s not news that this new Fantastic Four movie isn’t good, but often people are quite general in saying that the whole film isn’t good. In reality, half this movie is good and the other half is blatantly obvious studio meddling. The film starts out with a grander interest in not being slavish to the superhero film structure and just tells the story of these people as they work together to figure out how to travel to the Negative Zone (the movie calls is planet zero, but screw that). Then they come back and after one scene of decent body horror as Reed realizes he’s all stretchy, the movie plummets into boredom. It is throw into being a superhero movie when it doesn’t want to be. It wants to explore the emotional and horrific changes they are going through and why not? Superhero movies always play in the same area so why not mix it up. But instead the movie falls apart half way through and nerds fail to notice why.


Despite the terrible plot, the actors all give decent performances. Teller seems to have this ability to somehow play the every man quite well, what he doesn’t do sadly is handle any of the technical jargan he has to spew. The one whom stood out the most was Reggie E. Cathy, as Frank Storm. While he’s not given a lot to do, he comes off well. If anything, this film should show just how good of an actor Cathy is and hopefully he gets some better roles.

I agree, the cast is solid. I could have used less military people because their as interesting to watch as a piece of jam covered bread in the sun. It would have been nice to have more scenes with Ben and Reed, or Sue and Johnny early on to see the cast explore those relationships. Also Toby Kebbell is a great actor and it does suck that they gave him practically nothing to do with his character. Him and Reed should have been like Light and L from Death Note, brilliant minds on opposite ends of morality. But we can’t have nice things. 


While I didn’t see a early version of this film, the FF is clearly a case of a production getting out of hand. The first half of the film is fine but not anything new, but theres a clear point were you can see were the studio pulled the plug on director Josh Trank. From there the movie features large plot holes, lame CGI and just an overall flat presentation. Additionally, this film looks less like a Marvel Comics film and more like a love letter to the Nolan Batman films. From the shots to even the colour grading this film looks like it wants to be something it’s not allowed to be.

Getting into the production woes is something that a behind the scenes documentary crew should have done. The first half was well directed and produced, then as I said before, the second half destroys all of that. The CGI looks terrible and the scripting makes no sense for the characters that were set up. I wouldn’t be surprised that Fox just sells back the characters to Marvel since they clearly have no idea what to do with theses characters. 


This one is a mess. From terrible storytelling to seemingly rushed CGI, nearly everything in this film feels snake bitten. While this might be the nail in the coffin for the Fox produced Fantastic Four films, it could also be a black mark for it’s director. As much as I hate this movie, there’s a story that should be looked into one day for a documentary or book. Until then, this is the last thing you need to spend your money on. PASS

It would be nice if when it comes out you watch half of the movie and then move on, because that is what is good about this movie. Whatever the film may have went through in production what we have left is a mess, and because it’s a mess we can expect to get another reboot in the not to distant future. All the hard work put in by the actors, crew, and director have been squandered by Fox. I didn’t leave the film angry at it, I left disappointed that I didn’t see what the movie was supposed to be. PASS

Fantastic Four was produced by 20th Century Films, Constantin Film, Marv Films, Robert Kulzar Productions and Marvel Entertainment. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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