E3 2015 Impressions: Ubisoft


Fingers crossed for Beyond Good and Evil Two…

With a few games already announced, Ubisoft hopes to find get our attention with more than a new yearly instalment of Assassins Creed. Maybe they’ll do it with edgy salty language.

South Park: The Fractured, But Whole:

Opening off the top we get a trailer for the next South Park game. This time it focuses on the group’s Superhero personas and looks to bring the same amount of serious gameplay and story…that is farts, poop and probably a comments on the Jewish Faith. Also the co-creators drop an F-bomb right off the bat. While swears aren’t scary, it come off a little odd. Despite the game being announced, zero gameplay was broadcast. Is it an RPG? Is a rhythm based dance game? I need to know.

An Apology:

After the F-Bombs and South Park. We get more or less a “Listen, we’re tired of your sh*t, shut up for like 60 minutes and listen to us.” It came off a little weird like they were more or less telling everyone to chill out before showing off their newest Assassin’s Creed shovelware…I mean awesome game.

For Honor:

After calming the flame war, Ubisoft let it’s new franchise out of the bag, a medieval(ish) themed action game named For Honor. While the trailer was CGI, it showed off some of the brutal fighting I guess we can expect when the game is released. We see beheadings, backslashing and fight scenes almost as intense as Roman Polanski’s Macbeth. Oddly this game looks more like a serious version of Spike’s Deadliest Warrior as you can choice between Vikings, Knights and Samurai.

The game also looks to feature some interesting four vs. four multiplayer with a serious focus on creating large scale battles. To be honest, this one looks like it could be pretty game solid. That is if you move past the fact that we have different races from different parts of the world fighting each other for little reason.

The Crew? I don’t even know what that is:

So I guess there’s a game called the Crew and it’s been out for a while. I get this impression seeing how Ubisoft announced more expansions for the game. It looks like most driving games.

Trails Fusion – Awesome Level Max:

This trailer features a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn…seriously…need I say more?

Tom Clancy’s – The Division:

As fan of 90% of the Tom Clancy games (screw you Hawx) the premise of the Division gets me excited to be in a dystopian future that could probably happen tomorrow if a super virus happens. The game features multiplayer and a 3rd person shooting/RPG elements. Also enemies take selfies (that’s in the trailer).

Part of the trailer tried to put a focus on how different teams will effect how you will play the game. This world looks like it’ll be filled with players looking to sometimes help but more then likely screw you over during any mission. The game looks like it takes much of it’s RPG cues from Boarderlands and Destiny, with the level’s only really meaning that they enemies have better armour and loot.

What’s also interesting is that the majority of the in game dialogue comes from a female player. While this isn’t a huge thing deal, it’s still interesting to see how Ubisoft would put it’s focus on a female gamer after having, lets say a less than positive reaction to people wanting to play a girl in Assassins Creed.

Additionally Beta’s for the game will start in the new year with a March 8th release.

Anno 2205:

Looking to fit in the Sci Fi world building genre Ubisoft announced Anno 2205, which allows players to build their own cities and take them to Peter Dinklage’s favourite place, the Moon. Beyond that the trailer doesn’t give us a lot of info past buzz words.

Just Dance 2016:

It’s the same game as 2015. What do you want from me? Buy it if you want, I really don’t care. This time you don’t need a camera from Microsoft or Playstation, but just a smart phone. I don’t know if you can take selfies while playing though. Plus there’s gonna be a streaming service…wooooooooooooooooo (please make the pain stop).

Rainbow Six – Siege:

After that we get a trailer featuring Angela Bassett whose trying to be Kevin Spacey from Call of Duty. The video also features some close-ups of people gearing up. After that we get an odd interview with Bassett in an attempt to I guess stall for time.

Following the Inside the Actor’s Studio segment we finally get a look at the game. Returning this time is TerrorHunt a multiplayer game that can now be played against computer A.I. This mode seem to focus on situations like defusing bombs during a terrorist attack. The demo pushes the team play features making this maybe the only FPS this year focusing on actual tactical teamwork. Also featured was the destructible environment.

To be honest this demo reminded me a lot of the classic FPS franchise SWAT. Each player has their roles and the leader uses a shield to protect his team. All and all this is another positive demo. The Beta starts September 24th.


Another racing game but this time the focus is on having fun wacky races, something I guess the Crew didn’t do. While I’m not to into racing games, this one looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate:

While I wish this game was called Gangs of New York, the newest entrée in Ubisofts bread and butter franchise takes us to England during the late 19th Century. The segment opened with the CGI trailer you’d expect, showing off the characters, cockney accents and a remixed version of a Noel Gallagher song. Could it get anymore English? Only if they added fish n chips, chimney sweeps and Jack the Ripper.

For some reason, they brag that you can play the game demo in certain European cities. Do they show the demo here? Nope. Why cause there’s one more announcement…

Ghost Recon – Wildlands 

Ending the show, comes a trailer which we’re told is changing up one of Ubisoft’s franchises. The new Ghost Recon looks to take the classic game play but move the setting to a more real world environment focusing on drug wars ragging across the world. Also lots of people with white hats getting shot in the head or crucified…family fun.

Now with a open world (the new buzz feature in all action games) the game looks like it took some of the visuals of the upcoming Point Break film and added it to the already tight gameplay Ubisoft is known for. While the idea of killing drug dealers is different for the franchise, this one looks like it could be fun to.


So we got a lot to talk about in just 73 minutes. We had some F-Bombs, some dad jokes and a whole series of solid looking games. Overall, a good showing for the company. Stay tuned for Denis’ look at the Sony press conference coming soon.

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