E3 2015 Impressions: Sony

In come the company that just loves to show a few too many montages.

It’s kinda obvious to say that Sony is leading the pack since most current gen gamer’s have a PS4 in their homes. I will say I was quite excited for the conference since I know no matter what they show I’ll be able to play it.

Now as the opening song said, here we fucking go.

The Last Guardian

They did it!! After we questioned it’s existence for oh so long and gave up all hope. Sony just dropped the mic off the bat by showing off the Last Guardian. Boy oh boy does it look gorgeous. I want it now, all over my face and in areas I dare not speak.

No longer developed by team Ico from the looks of it, it looks to be another title in the vein of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The demo showed a bunch of close calls and moments that really sell the idea that I’m soooo gonna cry by the end of the game. Hopefully the 2016 release window will stick, if not, we will lose faith in Sony, humanity, and the validity of emotion at all.

Horizon Zero Dawn

I love when a trailer transitions into game play footage. The look and feel of the game looks far more appealing than Killzone. Hunting robo animals as a tribal woman looks like so much fun. I could tell from Guerrilla games previous work how talented a studio they are if they had a chance to do their own thing. Seeing this new IP in action is just so dandy. Hopefully I can kill everything from robo wolves to rouge toasters. Either way, count this fella jazzed!


Hopefully it will be a hitman game I actually want to play.

No Mans Sky

The scale of this game is astounding. Since it was revealed and since we’ve just been shown just what the scale means. But please don’t tease us again until we have a release date we can drool over.


Thank you for treating us like adults and offering a way to expand on our creativity. I’m sure if I get my hands on it I’ll be developing high art like a father dealing with the loss of his wife, or maybe a bear-lady who likes to shop at discount hardware stores. But maybe I’ll probably just make two zombies kiss passionately.

Final Fantasy 7 “Proper” Remake

Maybe I’ll finally decide to play it.

Shenmue 3


Really?!?!?!? How? When? Why? Dear god, I can’t believe is this is happening? But I am so game for that shit homie!

Uncharted 4

Aaaannnnnndddd it was just about flawless. No technical problems. Then in comes this years look into Uncharted. It still looks incredible and I’m still a bit angry that I’m not gonna play it anytime soon. But for the first time you can drive a decently priced jeep, and really see the scale of the city they’ve built.

It looks incredible! The fluid animation, the clarity of the images, the detail makes me happy in my happy places.

Street Fighter 5, Destiny Expansion, World of Final Fantasy, Batman, Black Ops 3, and Disney Infinity 3.0 sure their coming out, but I still don’t care at all. But damn that was fun. I’d like to have written more and discussed my complex thoughts, but after half a dozen conferences or whatever, I just can’t reassemble my brain and write at the same time. Hopefully you were still able to get my feelings on what was showed and thanks for following along. Good day and Good game!!

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