E3 2015 Impressions: Microsoft and MGSV

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E3 features a lot of content and having one person cover it all. So it’s time for a less Sarcastic look at the Microsoft conference. Plus a little look at the newest Metal Gear Trailer.

Halo 5:

While the inclusion of a deeper looking story and Nathan Fillion might have caught my eye, this one does little to make me want to buy a Xbox One. I’ve never really felt the connection to this franchise like some of Sony’s properties like Sly Cooper. Maybe cause Cooper is looks and plays like nothing else, but either way I’ll skip this Halo despite it’s multiple campaign story-lines.

Backwards Compatibility:

This is arguably the one thing that could sway me to buy a Xbox One some day. Although I started out more as a Sony guy, I have more then a few 360 games I’d love to replay without digging up my old system. It’s kind of odd that this is the biggest thing that sways me to this side, but the idea of playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer again makes me happy.

Minecraft on HoloLens:

It’s no secret that I love Minecraft, and the idea of playing the game differently holds my attention. So when I heard in passing about what Microsoft was doing with their new HoloLens I was hoping for the best. However, when it was shown off, it looked like it was less playing Minecraft and more being a god while you friends play. While the idea of being god isn’t lost on me, it looks like something that should be flushed out more before I get too excited about it.

Other Stuff:

It’s odd that there was more or less a commercial for a Ford GT during the show, while it was linked to an actual game it didn’t really make sense. Some of the indy titles like TACOMA, Cuphead and Beyond Eyes seemed to grab me more then the epic, totally original (but its all been done before) space adventure of Halo. Cuphead looks like your playing a 30s Disney cartoon which is territory that Square Enix can only dream of striding towards with Kingdom Heart 3. On the other side of the coin one of the main games people were waiting for was a Rare Games collection, which celebrates a series of older “classic” games. Although one could question why Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bots would be on a greatest hits package. The presentation ends with Microsoft more or less saying, the rest of our stuff will be shown off at another event later, see you losers.

Metal Gear Solid V Debut Trailer:

After the Microsoft presentation their was a new trailer for a game I’m really excited for, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Why it was shown on YouTube and in between presentations? Apparently it has something to do with Hideo Kojima and host Geoff Keighley. It’s hard to describe just how amazing this trailer looks, as it seems to wrap up the franchise giving us a look at how Solid and Liquid Snake are born.

Next up Denis will be talking about what happens at the EA Press Conference.

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