Assassins Creed Unity

Bro's before Hos, cause Hos are harder to render.

Bro’s before Hos, cause Hos are harder to render.

I know there are two new Assassins Creed games but since I have a PS4 how could I not get it. Playing as a french dude, playing online with peeps, and I guess fighting templars. Is this game a revolution, or will you want to behead the game makers? Find out after the break.


Assassins Creed Unity is set in France during the French Revolution and puts you in control of Arno Dorian, a french guy who speaks like a Brit and comes from a line of Assassins. You’ll partake in a sorta romance with Elyse, a daughter of a Templar, as you kill more bad templars who are trying to help the revolution…I think. I hardly remember what happened, only that it ended abruptly.

RPG Elements – Good

Assassins Creed has always played with some RPG elements in regards to its economy system, but never in regards to player outfits, weapons and combat. Unity includes a system where your clothes and weapons all carry a rank level that will contribute to your overall player rank. Basically you just kinda upgrade as the game progresses with higher level gear that comes in a wide variety of flavours.

This is actually a welcomed addition since it helps to reinforce a need to develop your skills and rewards powerful gear. When I come up against an enemy with a high level I’m either asking for trouble or it allows me to stretch out my skills, and its always satisfying to mow down one star enemies with a few swift blows.

Adding these elements are a welcomed addition, but it would be nice if instead of a list of similar themed designs you just had more complex and high level versions that you could find a look you liked and level that look up to a five star level. It’s always frustrating when you find a look you really like but have to abandon it because it’s not a high enough level.

Refined Parkour  – Good

Another of the simple but very welcomed additions to the series are refined movement selections. First you have the ability to crouch and sneak, which has its issues because the game doesn’t have many opportunities to use stealth since the franchise has reinforced movement more than anything. Thats why the changes to the parkour mechanics are much more welcomed and useful. Now players have the option to Parkour up and down which is so simple but extremely helpful when scaling and defending buildings. It’s one of those changes that will make it hard to visit earlier entries of the franchise.

Bugs – Bad

All those good things in mind lets start with the problems. Firstly which isn’t really that new for the franchise is a high amount of bugs and issues with detection. There are countless times where I would clip through the environment and fall into nothingness. In other situations NPC’s would pop in and out of existence and that just spoils the immersion.

Pay to Play – Bad

This is probably the most frustrating part of the game and it makes me really not like where Ubisoft is going with their Triple-A titles. Much of the game’s clothes and weapon content is locked away through external crap. First there’s the typical Uplay additions which weren’t a terrible offer, but now I have to deal with some initiates crap that also locks away content and the game also has a separate currency that you have to pay for that can be used to cheaply get the gear you wing in the game. It’s an awful trend that has carried over from pay to play games that I don’t want in a game that costs me in Canada $70! I don’t want a splintered experience that teases me with shit that I would have to go out of the game to get. All that time an effort that they through into adding that useless crap could have been set on developing a better narrative. But instead I have a crap story that I can pay additionally to look fancier playing.

Story – Bad

If it wasn’t obvious from the intro. The story sucks.

Next Entry

This game reminds me of AC1, very rough but ripe with potential. Hopefully Ubisoft starts respecting a franchise that has such incredible potential to explore our vast human history and tell rich stories in gorgeous settings about compelling characters all while providing a technically sound gamely experience. With the amount of money throw their way, it isn’t too much to ask. Unity has defiantly made me hesitant to purchase anything with Assassins Creed in the title, and after Watch Dogs they have repeatedly over promised and under delivered.

I would really recommend Black Flag and question the next game Ubisoft proclaims as a “revolution” or “big step forward”.

Assassins Creed Unity was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This review is based upon the PS4 version of the game.


If my review wasn’t enough.

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