Nerd News: October 18 – 24


Spend the week under a rock? Then here are the important movie, comics, TV and anime news you need to know.

Avengers Stuff:

Without a doubt the biggest story of the week (for Nerd News at least) was the leak of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. The clip was suppose to air next week along side an episode of the Marvel: Agents of Shield show but hit the net earlier this week. Its up and gives us our first look at the titular villan Ultron and even a glimpse at the aticipated Hulk/Iron Man fight. I’m sure they’ll find a reason why Thor can’t just kill everything with lighting again, I just hope it’s better then he got sad and couldn’t pick up a heavy thing. Age of Ultron hits theatres in May of 2015.

So, what happened with Evangelion?:

Remember Neon Genesis Evangelion? How weird and screwy it was even down to it’s production? Well it seems that there’s little news about the production of the final film in the rebooted series. During an interview series creator stated plainly that he had no comment about when the film will start production. Add on top of that Funimation’s lack of a release date for their Evangelion 3.33 and this franchise is almost turning into a real living nightmare.

No Stanley Tucci in this video:

As the release of the penultimate Hunger Games Film, Mocking Jay Part One draws near the first batch of TV spots are out. They show no new footage and don’t feature a single frame of Stanley Tucci as Casear Flickerman…and yes I did have to look that name up. See the girl on fire on November 21st (expect a review).

Another New Netflix series:

Above is the teaser for the upcoming Netflix original series Bloodline. What’s it about? Dunno…a boat on fire maybe? It looks secretive, dark and implies that something bad happened on that burning boat. Bloodline will be available to stream in March of next year.

Other Stuff:

Wanna feel sad about your day job? The box office for the final Hobbit film will almost be completely profit. CW orders a full season of the Flash. Looks like there’s a new Macross series in the works, it’s current working title is Macross Δ. Writer/Hater of the Internet Aaron Sorkin stated in a interview that Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in his adaption of the Jobs biography. Martian Scorsese will produce a documentary about the Greatful Dead. Fox is enlisting Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) to adapt Archie for the network…didn’t we get enough with Archie’s Weird Mysteries? A review of John Wick will be up on the site this weekend.

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