Destiny: Thoughts and Impressions

Destiny was developed by Bungie and published by Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment (Japan only).

Destiny was developed by Bungie and published by Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment (Japan only).

So, I’m late to the party. Everyones posted about Destiny and given it some official-like reviews and such. Like the guy who stumbles in late, I’ll make up for it by being a bit different. Therefore here are some compliments, criticism and general thoughts on one of the falls biggest titles.

Let me start off by saying, it’s good.

Bungie knows how to make a game, and they had a lot on their plates for such an ambitions title like this. Since they’re blending two huge genres together each with clearly established benchmarks. I think its ambition and the pedigree behind the studio is why at Playstation conferences they wouldn’t stop flogging it.

Sony saw Bungie + Milestone and said “ Yes, please! Make us some cool shit, yo!” (This is an approximate guess to Sony’s internal dialogue.) But taking on such a task for any huge studio would be hard. They would face questions like, can you include a complex and cinematic first person narrative, should we include other tasks aside from just shooting, housing, ship interiors, and so on. The scope to develop the central concept is massive, and Bungie hit the board, just a bit off centre.

Let’s start with the stuff I don’t like. Variety, their ain’t much of it.

Most of your endless hours of Destiny will be spent shooting. That is the games primary mechanic and it is designed well. Shooting feels great, the weapons are cool and by the end I expect most players will fixate on their particular firearm and level it up to a supreme machine of alien death. But when you pour hour after hour, after hour, it gets tedious and any strong mechanic will start to become boring.

I would love to hop on my space-cycle, the Sparrow, and do races. I would love to do community chats with people at the city, I would love to craft weapons, and I would love to play more with the sword. If I could do more than just shoot, then shooting wouldn’t bore me. I would be motivated to hop on and try random stuff, each providing me a particular slice of fun. But as of now, just shooting.

Time Management, as people max out their character my intention with Destiny is like other MMO’s where if functions like a hobby. I hop on for a few hours and play around, then I hop off. But I’m always jumping about from game mode to game mode just trying to find things to do.

The great mobile app could prove to be vital to outlining where I put my time. I could log into the app during the day, decide on a few game modes and my selections would present me with an overall time. That way I can plan out my two hours with the game. When I come home and play. I simply choose to start that routine. The app can even recommend playlists depending on what you want to get out of the game, like getting gear, levelling up, being social, and so on.

Why can’t Dinklage’s robot be like this sassy robot cop!

Now much has been made of Mr Dinklage and his character Ghost. But the drabness of the main companion you have on you journey showcases the narrative issue throughout the game.

It has such a great art direction and a solid starting point in it’s lore, but there’s nothing that you can connect with as a player. Ghost isn’t drab to hear from, they’re nothing like audio recordings that expand the story, and interesting side characters are absent. Many people have complained about the narrative which shows how much we now rely on compelling narrative in video games, and even MMO’s can achieve compelling narratives. So why not Destiny?

But despite all that, despite every flaw it has, I still find myself playing it.

However they did it, Bungie made an experience that feels like something I can love. Many people across the world have Destiny and Bungie has the unique opportunity to take the spark they have and mould it into something that lives up to its potential. I wanna believe that by this time next year we still have Destiny in our consoles, but it looks nothing like it does now. It’s developed into a game that fosters a community, offers unique experience, and allows you to realize you space adventurer.

I don’t want to dismiss Destiny as a failure, or throw stock in a sequel realizing it’s potential. I really think if they real commit to this property and the community that has bought into it, Destiny can be something core to gamings future. But for the present, I will no doubt find myself hoping on to take out some Dregs. 

Destiny was developed by Bungie and published by Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment (Japan only). The game is currently available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Denis played the PS4 version.

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    Muy bien posteado

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    Me encuentro basante interesado en El presente asunto. Muy Agradecido.

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