An ode to the 1UP Show

Introducing, my childhood.

Introducing, my childhood.

It’s 1 o’clock in the AM and I find myself watching something that was essential to my formative teen years. A show about video games, a show that was beautifully shot and lovingly crafted around a subculture that was on the cusp of acceptance by the world at large. The 1UP Show. Perhaps the best online show about video games that has ever been developed and here I am watching it when I should be sleeping.

Holding back those emotions you have about the things most important in our own childhoods, frankly, I just kinda wanna talk about the 1Up show for a bit, cause I hope desperately that I find something like it anytime soon.

As hard as it may be for people to understand, I wasn’t always so cynical. Growing up does that to people. But I guess their hasn’t been much that makes me feel optimistic about things. Optimistic is all I was back in high school strangely enough, when every week I would watch a show that spoke to me specifically.

I can’t exactly recall when I first found the show online, I know that it was a few episodes into its run which provided the wonderful now-common activity of binge-watching old episodes. It was a time in my life where my days were largely split, school and home. School I met with classmates and played charisma, but then I went home alone to watching shows and such. Watching the 1UP show offered a great cast of people that I kinda got to hang out with each week and grow attached to. Everyone had their own distinctive personality, had their respective console they hailed as superior, and their own silly office jokes. I connected with it, I loved every episode and felt involved in the group. Their personalities and opinions helped to mould who I am and what I think about video games. They were huge influences to me and I can’t thank them enough for that. I liked to see people go, cool to meet new people and see the dynamics change.

I mean who wouldn't watch a show with these people.

I mean who wouldn’t watch a show with these people.

Then came the inevitable end. Kinda abruptly the show ended. 1UP was sold and fired a bunch of the staff. The team that I grew attached to disbanded. It was pretty freaking terrible. But soon after, the core video team at 1UP created CO-OP. And it replaced the 1UP show and even added some cooler stylistic changes.

But the music wasn’t as good. I mean seriously that 1UP theme is freaking awesome. Naturally, because I can’t have nice things, CO-OP died. While Area 5 (the team that produced CO-OP & 1UP) are still around and doing awesome work, I don’t have that weekly show about video games with a group that I really care about.

The thing is that even now when I look back, 1UP did some amazing work, and developed a show that represented the best of gaming and really what it should be now. A diverse group of men and women who have their own specific likes and dislikes when it comes to genres and styles, but at their core they all genuinely love video games.

It’s a medium that they love talking about and was fun to watch the conversation. They’re not cynical or jaded, mean or dismissive, or assholes in anyway. They were games, perfectly represented. Thats what truly makes me sad, that I can’t think of anything like that anymore.

Everything so mired in speed and controversy. Video Game websites continue to shovel crap articles that they just hope gets enough clicks or is shared a significant amount of times. Nothing genuine, nothing honest. Their are a few bright lights that do some great stuff like Gametrailers and a bit of Gamespot’s documentary work, but nothing like the 1UP show.

So again here I am, blabbing on, late at night. Just wanting to share something personal, something that means so much to me, something that defined the person writing this now.

The 1UP Show.

Oh how you’ve been missed.

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