Nerd News: August 2 – 8


With another week done and in the past, here’s a look at the news stories you might have missed. It’s Nerd News.

The Sentinel Curse Continues:


Remember the post a few weeks back about the Robotech Academy Kickstarter? Well the project has been cancelled due to lack of support as the project failed to raise even half of the asked $500,00 in the end. According to a message from the Robotech team, they still hope to have some project ready for Robotech’s 25 anniversary next year.

Reports of there death have been greatly exaggerated:

During the week there was a bit of a noise about Studio Ghibli closing down. While it’s true the company might not have Hayao Miyazaka at the helm of any new films (at least till he gets bored), the company isn’t done yet. It seems that some restructuring is needed in the company to help it move along. As it turns out their last batch of films haven’t done as well as they hoped and some changes corporately need to be made. Studio Ghibli’s last release When Marnie Was There debuted in Japan last month. There’s no word on whether or not the anime series from Hayao’s son Goro has been canceled.

Evangelion and 7-11 team up in Japan…you read that right:

Shockingly I'm not all that surprised.

Shockingly I’m not all that surprised.

Remember when Neon Genesis Evangelion was meant to be a comment on the over commercialized anime market? It’s been the opposite of that for a while now. It seems that anime series/nightmare fuel will be apart of a 7-11 marketing campaign in Japan. The deal will see the convenience store chain sell Eva related products like ramen noodles, toys, bottle caps and even have a lottery for a number of prizes including a large metal Eva model (shown above). Still no word on the LCL flavoured Slurpee.

The first Seven Minutes of Star Wars Rebels:

Remember Star Wars Rebels? Well there’s a new seven minute tease for the show online. The video gives us a look at some of the action that we can expect from the show, and that being said, it looks pretty good. The clip focuses on our main character/Aladdin stand in as he steals from not only the comically evil Empire but the Rebels as well. Star Wars Rebels will start airing on Disney XD in October.

Batman v. Superman stuff:

After the little footage shown at Comic Con, fans are losing the minds looking forward to any new information. Now a series of set shots have hit the net and they feature Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. The clips (first above and second here) show some of the destruction that is happening in Metropolis. In a related story DC moved the film’s release up to March 25th. Warner Bros. also announced that they have 9 other films in the works. The new schedule would see films being released till November of 2020.

The Return of Young Justice…kind of:

The Young Justice team might be appearing one more on TV one more again. This time the team will appear on an upcoming episode of TEEN TITANS GO! While this is kind of interesting, it just sums up the situation with DC Cartoons, TEEN TITANS GO! is around and a well paced, character driven series like Young Justice isn’t. If you never watched the show, and there’s a good chance you didn’t, go out of your way and start watching.

Throw a rock and hit a DC TV teaser trailer:

We’ve had a lot of DC Comics related TV series news over the past few months. Now there are two more videos on the net; one for both Gotham (above) and the Flash. Both videos give us a look at both main characters. In Gotham, it focuses on James Gordon, the last honest cop in Gotham and the Flash looks more at his powers. Gotham starts on September 22 while Flash runs onto TV on October 7th.

A-D-R is F-I-R-E-D:

More news from the WWE Universe, it seems that Alberto Del Rio has been released from the company after having an altercation with another employee. Del Rio, real name Alberto Rodriguez, first appeared in the WWE in 2010 after a stint in FCW. During his time he had various main event feuds with Edge, CM Punk and John Cena before moving down into the mid-card. Rodriguez also had a short stint in the world of MMA, working in the Cage of Combat, Pride and Deep promotions with a win loss record of 9 to 4.

Other Stuff:

James Corden is going to replace Craig Ferguson as host of the Late Late Show. Ricky Gervais is looking to make a film based upon the original Office. The Next Terminator film now has a new title. The project formerly called Genesis is now called Terminator: Genisys cause spelling thing properly isn’t kool. In related Arnold Schwarzenegger news, the next Conan film, Legend Of Conan could start filming this spring. Arrow now has a Manhunter, David Cubitt will be playing Mark Shaw in the third season. An anime for the Famicon game Transformers: Convoy no Nazo is in the works. If you’re unfamiliar with the obscure game, it’s cause it’s infamously bad.

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