Nerd News: July 18 – 25


Hey Comic Con happened/is still happening! So here’s some of the stories you might have missed with all the hustle and bustle. It’s Nerd News.

Prepare yourselves Cumberbitches:

The next Benedict Cumberbatch film has two new trailers. The Imitation Game stars Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, a British Code breaker during WWII who is later arrested and sentenced for being gay. It’s not Sherlock but it looks like it will be an interesting film. Above is the UK trailer, here’s the North American one.

That Star Wars Show:

An extended trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels is out a few days before Comic Con. The trailer gives us a better looks at the shows plot as well as the characters. The trailer features; Storm Troopers, a Jedi person, a young main character, a bounty hunter who looks like a Fett, Wookiees and the voice for Freddie Prince Jr. The show will star airing on Disney XD in October.

The Longest marathon ever:

Do you like the Simpsons? Like, really like them? Like, watch all of the shows for ten days straight like them? Well then FXX is the station for you. The FX spin-off channel will be airing all of the seasons including the Movie in chronological order non stop starting on August 21 and ending sometime on September 1st. That’s insane. This will be the longest marathon in TV history, a record that will only be beat when someone eventually starts airing all of the episodes of Coronation Street.

J. K, Simmons is the Drum Teacher from Hell:

One of the many news items this weeks was the official selections for the Toronto International Film Festival. One of the films that I’m really looking forward to is Whiplash. The film stars Simmons as jazz teacher who pushes his students to be great. The only problem is he does it while looking like a murder by throwing chairs and slapping people in the face. I can’t wait for this one.

The Adventures of Not James Bond:

It’s been a while since Pierce Brosnan was in a big action film, and it looks like the November Man is his return. The film follows Brosnan as a retired killer who has to protect a girl from the CIA killer he trained. The film looks like it could be fun. Look for November Man when it’s released on August 27.

It’s a Halo show, get 2005 on the line:

Comic Con news stuff. This time it’s the trailer for the Riddley Scott produced Halo Nightfall series. The show will follow new characters as they investigate something that sounds like the Flood. The video looks a lot like Scott’s last film Promethus what with the people exploring a dark planet with space suits. The series comes in November.

I’m sorry you can’t just ignore history, even if you’re Batman:

Image is owned by Warner Bros.

Image is owned by Warner Bros.

So it was Batman day this past week. You know how I celebrated it? By wondering why the day wasn’t in May the month the character debut way back in 1939. I guess it has more to do with the actual Batman comic series and not Detective Comics. Either way to mark this fake date, Zack Synder released another picture of Bat-Fleck from the upcoming comic book film (or possible legal thriller) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Earlier at Comic Con Synder also tweeted a picture of Superman dress like a Sith…not sure what to say about that.

It happened again…or whatever:

Remember Hot Tub Time Machine? Good ’cause I never saw it, I’m gonna be honest it’s because it looked dumb. However, it made plenty of money and has now paved the way for a sequel. This time, instead of going into the past the gang goes, and stay with me here, into the future. Man this script writing stuff is wild. Watch the red band trailer and get ready for the films Christmas release.

The First of Many Crossovers:

Atlus has hit pay dirt with the Persona franchise these past few years. From soundtracks to TV series the franchise has kept fans wanting more. Now their first of three crossover games Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth has a North American released date. The game, that’s attached to the video above, will feature characters from Persona 3 and 4. Look for the game hit it hits stores on November 25 of this year.

Insert Bioware Mass Effect Joke here:

So there’s a new Bioware game on the horizon. It has zero info about it out aside from this cryptic 40 second live action trailer and a website. This nightmare could be worse, as I’ll let you make your ending of Mass Effect joke here. Seriously let it go, Mass Effect 3 was a pretty good game.

Other Stuff:

Bored house wives rejoice a teaser for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film was posted by Beyonce, full trailer was later released at Comic Con. It’s official the DC films and TV show’s will not crossover. Also there will be a Flash/Arrow crossover this season. The Power Rangers film will apparently be a part of the original canon. The Michael Keaton and Jim Norton film Birdman will be closing the New York Film Festival, I really wanna see it. Peter Shinakoda has been added to the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series as an original character. Sony is still looking to produce Spider-Man films and they’ve announced that the Sinister Six will hopefully come out in November of 2016 with the next Spider-Man film following in 2018. Christopher Nolan appeared at Comic Con for the first time, where he talked about his upcoming film Interstellar.

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