Nerd News: July 12 – 18

July 12

It’s a weeks worth of comics, movie, television, anime and pop culture news in one place. It’s this weeks Nerd News!

Another Final Chapter gimmick:

So there’s another Tekken game coming out. The game will end the insanely stupid storyline started when a man throwing his child off a cliff which somehow led to seven different fighting tournaments. This time the game uses the Unreal 4 engine. Here’s hoping that the game will feature even more fighting animals, maybe like a seven foot tall Prairie Dog who knows Muay Thai. More info will come at Comic-Con later this month.

Old Man Who:

Doctor Who fans rejoice there’s a new trailer for the returning British Television series. The series will feature the new Doctor played by everyone’s favourite swearing political Peter Capaldi. The video features; quick cuts, Dalek voices, running, horse ridding, the generic line “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore” and of course an old man looking into the camera lens. Doctor Who returns on August 23rd.

Daniel Ratcliffe is the devil…or something:

More movie trailers this week. The first was for Horns, a supernatural Horror film that stars Daniel Radcliffe. Seems this time the former Potter is accused of murder and wakes up one day with horns…that’s pretty much all we know. While the obvious route for comedy would be to make a horny joke, this film looks kind of interesting. Horns is slated for a Halloween release.

The Angriest Trailer you’ve ever heard:

Remember the popularity of the Angry Video Game Nerd? At one point he was the bell of the ball that is the Internet. While he’s not lessened in quality, his production has due to his working on a film based upon the character. The film follows the Nerd as he searches for the buried E.T. Atria cartridges. Now granted that story is a little dated now but it looks like it could be fun. The film is currently scheduled for a world premier in LA and for Digital release in early September.

Look in the rafters, it’s an announcement for a video game…cool?:

So a while ago Pro Wrestler Sting made a tweet (one of the few he’s made since his leaving TNA) preparing people for the date 07.14.14. Myself like a lot of WWE fans were hoping that this meant some type of WWE debut for the former surfer dude/insane icon. Instead it was an announcement stating his appearance in the upcoming WWE 2K15. While the video is kind of funny, I’m guessing he won’t be in a WWE ring for a while (if ever). WWE 2K 15 is coming out late October, preorder now…or wait two months until Sting is playable for free.

Pixar + Marvel = Wait for money: 

More info on the upcoming Big Hero 6 hit the net. This time a new trailer gives us a better look at what the plot of the film is, as well as some of the action to expect. It looks cute, like every other modern Disney film. But if it takes attention away from Frozen, then I’m happy. Let it go when the film comes out November 7. Here’s the Japanese trailer.

A Documentary from Jubalee Street:

While my knowledge of Nick Cave is low, I’ve started to dip more and more into his back-catalogue of works. Now he moves to the world of film with the docudrama 20,000 Days on Earth. The film follows Cave on said day and mixes interview footage with dramatic scenes as well as his music. The film lands in select theatres September 17th.

Do The Marvel Comics Shuffle:

In main comics news, Marvel announced they’ll be a new Thor, and she’s a woman. How did the do it? On the View of course where I get all my geek culture. I mean one of the hosts is Guinan. Later, the Disney owned publisher also showed off their new Captain America a few days later. Falcon takes up the shield this time in an new series called All-New Captain America. These two will be part of a new Avengers Team in Avengers NOW. Still no word on whether Howard the Duck will take over as Iron Man for a few months, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. In other Avenger news, Entertainment Weekly had a bunch of photos for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Other Stuff: 

Christopher Walken will be starring as Hook in a upcoming production of Peter Pan. Heroes/Heroes: Reborn creator Tim Kring says the upcoming series will focus more on new characters. Quentin Tarantino has calmed film nerds by saying that his proposed film, The Hateful Eight, is only delayed but still in production. Another Dragon Ball Z film is coming next year. This is coming just a month before the English release of Battle of the Gods. Tommy Wiseau has a new underwear line…yep. Mark Ruffalo wanted to do a Columbo film but it seems that Universal, the owner of the series, is already trying to develop a TV series. I want more Columbo, anything…well unless it’s Mrs Columbo. David Fincher’s Gone Girl will open up this years New York Film Festival. The second season of Gundam Build Fighters, this time given the title of Gundam Build Fighters Try, will start airing in October. The Netflix Daredevil series has a new cast memeber, the show will feature True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll as Karin Page. Entertainment Weekly put of a featurette about Jason Isaacs playing the Inquisitor in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series. Sons of Anarchy starts it’s seventh season on September 9th.

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