Nerd News: July 5-11


Hope your week was solid, if not it’s the weekend so who cares. Here’s the stories you might have missed.

The Atom Returns:

It’s been a week since we heard anything about a DC Comics TV show, so here’s whats up now. While two new actors were already added in Peter Stormare (as the new Count Vertigo) and Devon Aoki (as Katana) it was announced that former Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will take up the role of Ray Palmer aka the Atom. Later in the week, DC also announced that Robbie Amell (Arrow star Stephen Amell’s cousin) was cast as Ronnie Raymond in the upcoming Flash TV series. The character also works at Star Labs and is one half of Firestorm.

The Teasing Dead:

For Walking Dead fans a new clip from the upcoming fifth season arrived on Monday. The 30 second teaser features; people walking in the woods, zombies walking in the woods, two people hiding in the woods and whispering. Seriously this isn’t really that interesting (kind of like the show in my opinion. OH!). The Walking Dead returns in October.

More David Fincher:

While Fincher might not be interested in doing the sequel to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film, he’s sticking with equally depressing subjects with his next film Gone Girl. This trailer give us a bit of a clearer look at the plot and other actors besides the star Ben Affleck. Gone Girl comes out on October 6.

Harry Potter Stuff:

In book nerd news, series writer J.K. Rowling released a short story dealing with some of her popular characters after the events of the book series but before the epilogue. The short story takes place during a Quidditch Cup and reunites the main characters. If you want to read it, you’ll have to go Pottermore, the fan-site and find it.

Terry Gillian being insane:

I love Terry Gillian and his films. He’s crazy and therefore his films are so extremely out there, making them some of the most interesting visual movies I’ve seen. So his newest film, The Zero Theorem, looks like more of the same. The film features Christoph Waltz as a crazy person who has to prove the Zero Theorem. But look at the colours and amazing visuals. This is gonna be a trip. Get ready for a acid trip on when it’s released in North America latter this year.


Ever want to watch a film starring Christian Bale as Moses? Well then you’re odd hopes will come true with Exodus: Gods and Kings. The film follows the bible (character?) person who leads his people…blah blah blah major flood, river of blood and other bible stuff. But what makes the film interesting is that it’s EPIC! I don’t get it, is this a new thing? Are we just gonna adapt all the bible stories now? Anyway, watch Ridley Scott get biblical on December 5.

The Cool Marvel Comics Film:

Isn’t it funny how excited everyone is for Guardians of The Galaxy? It’s a big dumb space movie that features non of the characters from the past Marvel Films, yet it’s getting huge press. Well ANOTHER trailer has hit the web and it’s give us another collection of scenes we’ve already scene. This time we do get a better look at the dynamic of the group during the film moments of the video. The film comes out on August 1st.

Meanwhile back in Panem:

Remember the last video for the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1? Well it seems that Donald Sutherland has more to tell us. But before ol’ Hawkeye can get to the point, we get our first look at the returning Jeffrey Wright (who plays Beetee Latier). I’m guessing we won’t have to wait too long for a real trailer as the film moves towards it November release.

Who knows if/when the third one will be made, but until then…

Ghostbusters. It’s awesome right? It’s a great comedy with an interesting concept and impressive effects that still make the film watchable to this day. Now the film is 30 years old and is getting a 4K re-release this summer. Here’s the trailer. Get your Proton Packs ready for the films Labour Day re-release.

Other Stuff:

Two actors were added to the Star Wars VII production. The two; Crystal Park and Pip Anderson will help pad out the film after Harrison Ford’s injury. Speaking of Star Wars, the film will be filmed in IMAX. A trailer for the final Hobbit film will be out in a few weeks. A new 30 second spot for the upcoming Gotham series on Fox hit the web, this time the clip focuses on the titular city. Despite not starting in August 8th, the Cinemax series The Knick has already been renewed. Expect a D&D review for the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to up on Sunday.

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