Nerd News: June 28-July 4


Happy belated Canada Day for those Canadians like myself, and happy July 4 for those from ‘Merica. It’s this weeks addition of Nerd News. 

Brothers…IN SPACE!

If you haven’t heard of Space Brothers, then let me ‘splain some stuff. The story follows two brothers who dream of traveling to Mars after seeing a UFO in their youth. Now a prequel anime episode is going to air in Japan. Space Brothers #0 will air on August 9th.

The Forgotten Batman Manga series rises again!

Ever heard of the Batman manga series from the 60s? No? Well it’s not surprising. The series saw a limited re-release in North America with the Random House release in 2008 called Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan. Now DC comics has announced their releasing the Jiro Kuwata helmed series, first in digital then later in physical form. The first chapters will feature Batman and Robin’s battle with Lord Death Man. Start downloading it on July 5 and look for the first volume to hit store shelves later this year. While you wait re-watch the Batman: Brave and the Bold episode that drew from said manga.

Community is saved…for realz:

So Community has been saved, again, for like the eighth time. It seems that instead of Netflix or Hulu picking up the series, Yahoo will produce and distribute the show’s sixth season on Yahoo Screen. Here’s a collection of thoughts from most Community fans minds; “Yeah Community is coming back. Yahoo is awesome, it’s my third favourite search engine…wait. Yahoo produces TV shows?” According to the press release the show will be reworked and be uploaded every week on their website. Get ready for more Inspector SpaceTime segments now.

One last trip to the Boardwalk:

A trailer for the final season of Boardwalk Empire hit the web early this week. The trailer features; people staring at things, quick cuts, Steve Buscemi and a cover of a Three Dogs Night song. The final season starts in September.

Prelude to the Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

Looking forward to the upcoming sequel to the not Tim Burton reboot of Planet of the Apes? Well then you should watch the three prequel videos that bridge the gap between Dawn and Rise. The series produced by Vice Media’s Motherboard, features three different stories from three different teams. The first (seen above) was directed by Isaiah Seret and follows the speared of the Simian Flu first seen at the end of Dawn, the second by Daniel Thron takes place 5 years later and the final was done by thirtytwo and picks up just before the latest film. Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theatres on July 11 and expect a review to hit this site sometime after.

“Just Gotta Row with the Flow. Like my man Bruce Lee.”

The final season of the Killing is hitting Netflix in August and I’m pretty excited/bummed about it. While the show has it’s issues, there was a lot to like about it. Now Netflix has released a trailer and it’s looking pretty sweet. Linden and Holder solve one more case on August 1st.

More Studio Ghibli:

So even with their main man Miyazaka retired (until he isn’t), the studio powers on. This time their newest film When Marnie Was There has a trailer. The video gives little information on the plot of the film but shows off the awesome animation that you’d expect from a Ghibli title. The film hits theatres in Japan on July 19th. Expect more information on the English release to come in the next few months. When Marnie Was There is based upon the Joan G. Robinson novel of the same name.

Up In the Sky…

Image owned by Warner Bros.

Image owned by Warner Bros.

Remember when the internet was a buzz about the image of Ben Affleck in his Batman suit was released? Well now an image of Henry Cavill’s Superman was released. If you missed it, it basically looks like the one from Man of Steel. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently in production, with a estimated May 6th 2016 released. In a kind of related story, the Batman 66 TV series Blu-Ray has an release window. The Adam West/Burt Ward series will hit stores and digital market places in November.

Kingdom Hearts HD Stuff:

A new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix release is out. The video shows off the better game graphics. This is where I’d try and elaborate more but it’s Kingdom Hearts and I couldn’t care less. The game comes out in October in Japan, December everywhere else.

Standing Next to a Mountain…

It’s been a while since a music based bio film was released hasn’t it? Now there are two on the horizon. One of which is Jimi: All Is by My Side. The John Ridley film stars Andre (3000) Benjamin as Hendrix as he starts his career playing in the clubs of England with his Experience. As of now no North America release has been set, but people in the UK can get ready to kiss the sky on August 8th.

Other Stuff:

Remember all those Chinese productions in the latter half of Transformers: Age of Extinction? Here’s a better look at things in the background. Sherlock fans will be happy to know that more Sherlock is only a year away. A Christmas special has been made official for 2015, with the fourth season following soon after.  Fox canceled a show before it even aired, and for Fox that’s impressive. Kyoto Animation announced they’re producing a sequel film to their Beyond the Boundary series. Still no word on the English dub but read my past review to get my opinion on the series. Knights of Sidonia goes up on Netflix on July 4th, and expect some type of review or first impression soon after on the website.

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