Nerd News: May 24-31


Another week, another selection of videos and random news items for the week. Let’s jump right in.

Batman…IN SPACE!!!!

Continuing the vast amount of Batman related news over the past few weeks, a trailer for the upcoming Lego Batman 3 was released. The game Beyond Gotham looks to take the Caped Crusader into space, cause why not? The game is looking at a Fall release.

The Not-So Hateful Tarantino.

After the drama revolving around the leaking of Tarantino’s script for the Hateful Eight, the director has announced plans to start filming in November. While he said the project might turn into a novel the director seemingly calmed down after the live script reading of the first draft.

A positive Marvel Comics story

Seeing how Ant-Man might take a while longer to start production Marvel might have released the name of the actor who will be playing Daredevil in the upcoming Netflix original series. Charlie Cox, from Board Walk Empire fame, will be taking the lead as the blind superhero. While this report is still a rumour Cox could be a solid fit. Still no release date for any of the Marvel series has been given.

Not Cthulu Project

Released around Wednesday a new 30 second trailer for the upcoming show, The Strain, hit the net. The show follows Government officials as they look into a new disease that hits New York City. Watch for the show in July.

 Six Seasons and a Movie

As it turns out Community might not be as dead as once thought. Turns out Hulu, the video streaming service owned by NBC, Fox and Disney is trying to pick up the show and produce the sixth and possibly final season of the show. As the story develops I’ll keep you up to date.

Other Stuff

HBO is hoping to continue the buzz of True Detective into it’s second season. The show will now feature three lead actors and will focus on the occult of a American Transportation system…whatever that means. Have memories of Reading Rainbow? Help bring it back with their Kickstarter. Despite making their goal (and then some) in 12 hours, I’m sure the could use more. Another addition of the D&D podcast is up, check it out here.

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One thought on “Nerd News: May 24-31

  1. MissRhiosace says:

    Yay Lego Batman!! 🙂

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