Nerd News: May 17-23


Another week, more news. Here’s some of the stories that you need to know.

Godzilla kills MOTO, gets sequel: 

Sadly, I want these...

Sadly, I want these…

After a strong opening weekend the Legendary Pictures Godzilla already has a sequel in the works. Who will the film feature? Mothra? King Gadora? Jet Jaguer? Who nows? If you haven’t already check out our review which was posted on Sunday.

Hooked on a Feeling

With two Marvel Comics film’s being released in the same month that means it’s time for an new trailer for a Marvel Film. This is the second trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m looking forward to the movie, it looks like a big dumb space adventrue no Loki or evil Robert Redford just a talking racoon and tree. The film is looking at a August 1st release

A Comic Movie from England

It seems that every Icon Comics series might be getting a Movie after the success of the Kick-Ass films. This time it’s Mark Millar’s The Secret Service. The film follows secret agents of young English adults blah blah blah, explosion, blah blah Colin Firth, Michael Cane, blah blah Samuel Jackson with a lisp. The film drops on October 24th.

At least it looks pretty

An internationla trailer fro the upcoming Jupiter Ascending film hit the week this week. It features action and a little plot. It still doesn’t stop the movie from looking goofy as all hell. I’m hoping to be surprised. The film comes out on July 18.

Help kids, become a member of the Star Wars Universe

J.J. Abrams offered a short video from the set of the upcoming Star Wars film. The video promoted a new charity that the production team is working with through UNICEF but we also get a chance to see what looked like a practical effect from the upcoming film. In a related story the director of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards has been announced as one of the directors of a Star Wars Spin-off film.

Be the Bat

A new trailer for the final? upcoming Arkham game, Batman Arkham Knight hit the web. The trailer gives us a first look at some of the gameplay, car scenes and even a glimps of some of the new and returning characters. The game is looking at a October 18th realse.

Is a Superhero movie or a legal drama?

Now hearing the Batman v Superman in the matter of Justice.

Now hearing the Batman v Superman in the matter of Justice.

Finally a title was released for the antispated Man of Steel Sequel. The film, now called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks more like the title of a legal battle, but this is a first step in the right direction. The film is currently in production with May 16th 2016 as the proposed release date.

So. Many. Comic. Films.

Hey it’s another trailer for a comic book film. This time the Big Hero 6. The film is the first Marvel film produced by Pixar, the money making machine also owned by Disney. It looks kind of fun.

Other Stuff:

A new episode of the podcast is up on the blog, listen to it here. Additionally, look for a review of the new X-Men film to be up sometime this weekend.

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