Nerd News: May 9-16


Another weekly news segment? Let’s see how long it lasts this time…

Nerd News returns! Here’s a recap of the major Geek News from this past week.

It’s Supernatural but with a English guy!

In the flux of Comic Book based shows that were picked up these past few months a trailer for Constantine was released. It looks like Supernatural with more of the trappings of classic network TV. He’s a crazy person who sees ghosts and he’s training a plucky attractive girl. We’ll see how it goes. Additionally, if you listen closely you’ll hear Alan Moore screaming at the top of his lungs. But that’s something that happens everytime a copy of the Watchman film is solid.

Where’s the talking bird?

If you’ve looked through my anime reviews you’ll know that I enjoyed the Tamako Market series. It was short and sweet and was a solid drama. The franchise is looking to close up with a film, Tamako Love Story. Sadly it doesn’t look like there’s any talking birds, just a love triangle, but the animation look amazing.

Geogre St. Pierre and Dave Bautista in one movie. I’ll have to deal with it!

More remake news! Next on the block is the “Classic” action film, Kickboxer. Instead of 80s/90s action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme the film will star former UFC Welterweight Champion George St. Pierre and former WWE Champion Dave Bautista in roles, with stunt man Alain Moussi in the lead. The film will be directed by Chinese director (as well as singer, actor) Stephen Fung. Here’s the full press release at the Fight Network.

Really Simpsons celebrate figures?

How many seasons are they on?

How many seasons are they on?

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been keeping up with the Simpsons for maybe 12 years. So I was shocked when I read that they make figures based upon some of the celebrates who appeared on the show. This is the third line (really there were two others?) and it features Penn and Teller, R.E.M, Lenard Nimoy, Stephen King but more importantly Bret “The Hit Man” Hart. While the idea of a Bret Hart figure is cool, he didn’t even voice himself in the show, isn’t it odd that they’d make a figure for him? Anyways here’s the press release.

Same plot, same actor, no accent.

In we’re out of ideas news, the trailer for the Fox miniseries Gracepoint was released. Gracepoint is the remake of English miniseries/show Broadchurch. David Tennant returns as the main detective and his partner will be played by everyones least favourite Breaking Bad actor Anna Gunn. The story looks the same, I’m sure the bad guy is the same to. The show will be running in the Fall, Thursday nights on Fox.

No Glasses or moustache? I’m not watching it.

So the Batmanless Batman prequel series Gotham launched a trailer last week. Now the show was given an official time slot in the fall. Gotham will be on Mondays before the returning Sleepy Hollow. Watch the trailer again, it might not be that bad. Later in the week they realeased another video, this time a First Look featurette.

Seriously, Let it go.

There’s going to be a crossover between Once Upon A Time and Frozen…sigh. So if you like those two things, I guess your happy.

It’s a not clear picture of Batman and his ride.

If you looker really hard, you might be able to see something.

If you looker really hard, you might be able to see something.

Earlier in the week Zack Snyder teased comic fans with a partially covered Batmobile. One day later this picture appeared. It’s our first look at Affleck as Batman. Here’s hoping we’ll soon get more information on this film, like a title. For a better look at the costume check out ComicBookResources.

X-Box One minus the thing no one uses.

Now selling without useless peripheral.

Now selling without useless peripheral.

Lost in the ether of Tuesday’s news was word of Microsoft selling a cheaper model of their new X-Box One. This version doesn’t come with the Connect, making no one sad in the long run. It’ll set you back $399 and for someone like myself who is too cheap to buy a new console this is a promising first step. There’s also other things like free games with Gold memberships and even poorer Silver users can get Skype and other things. Here’s the link to their news which features a video.

The Brave and the Bold

More DC Comics news! A promo for the upcoming Flash TV series hit the web during the finale of Arrow. The two shows will share a universe and will crossover on a few episodes. My hopes are high, Arrow is a good show and I’m a fan of the Flash. It’s also something for Tom Cavanagh to do since his bowling alley lawyer days are long past him. Another video was launched the next day, find it here.

Marky Mark and the Transformy Bunch

Continuing the theme of trailers, a trailer for the upcoming Michael Bay opus Transformers: Age of Extinction hit the web. It’s the fourth in the series and will probably feature actors yelling a 3D animated robots with offensive accents. This time the film will feature fan favourite Grimlock. However, I get the feeling that we’re digging a little too deep to the bottom of the barrel for some of these characters. Is Eric Idle coming back in the next one to reprise his role as Wreck-Gar? Either way get ready to feel the good vibrations on June 27.

More Hunger Games stuff!


Teen’s and young adults rejoice, more info on the Hunger Games penultimate film Mocking Jay Part One has arrived. The website, features some photoes and a video of Julianne Moore. Looks like the site might be updated down the road but find the link here.

More Twin Peaks!


Information on the upcoming Twin Peaks Blu Ray dropped on Thursday. The package not only features the whole series and the film but 90 extra minutes of cut or alternate footage from the whole series. I love Twin Peaks so on July 29th I’ll be in a store buying my copy. Seeing how WordPress doesn’t link the embed link, you can find the announcement video here.

2001: A Nolan Odyssey

It feels like this was a week for trailers doesn’t it? The trailer for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film was released on Friday. Little was known about the film, now this video gives us a clearer idea of what the film is about. To me this looks like Nolan’s tries to make his own 2001 type film to separate himself from the legacy of the Batman films. I’m hoping for some loud music cues. The film is currently looking at a November release.

Other Stuff:

Here’s some smaller news items. Halo 5 was announced with a possible released date of Fall 2015. Far Cry 4 is a thing, Ubisoft is aiming for a November 18 launch. Star Wars 7 has started filming. HBO announced that Dave Grohl will be directing a show based around the production of the Foo Fighters next album. John Barrowman has been added as a series regular for the next season of Arrow. In an added note, expect a Godzilla review of some kind to be on the website by Monday.

Have a good weekend and see you soon.

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