Crunchyroll Mystery Box

A box of mysteries. What does it hold?

A box of mysteries. What does it hold?

Close to two months ago, I got one of the many emails from Crunchyroll website. These emails are generally filled with a bunch of deals that I ignore however, there was one that was hard to look past.

The Spring into Savings Mystery Box. This box of mysteries is filled with 30 anime DVDs.

Making this deal so much better is the fact that it was cheap. On the website they advertise that the combined total for the DVD’s would (on average) total around $555. While this number could be complete crap, the deal was made sweeter with my membership discount which brought the costs to $28 CDN flat. The only issue was the fact that the shipping would cost $44 CDN.

That being said the deal would only cost me $72 CDN which is still a steal for the box of DVDs.

But what mysteries does the box hold? Will I get anything good? How much Chibi garbage will I be stuck with?

Let’s find out.

So, what’s in the box? Here’s the list:

The first group of DVDs...

The first group of DVDs…

Heat Guy J Vol. 1-3

Shura no Toki Age of Chaos Vol. 6

Gunparade March Operation 1

Z-Ipang Future Shock

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Vol. 2

Midori Days Vol. 1

Seven of Seven A Test of Love Vol. 1-2

Babel II Beyond Infinity Vol. 1 and 4

Shrine of the Morning Mist Vol. 3

Genma War Eye of Mythology Vol. 1

Space Pirate Captain Harlock The Legend Returns Vol. 1

Sadamitsu The Destroyer Vol. 1

L/R Licenced by Royalty Misson File 1

Doggy Poo…yep

YS Book Two

The second group...

The second group…

Boki Boki School Hours 1st Hour

Dragon Hunter It’s A Dragons Life

Kyo Vol. 6

Dekkoida Vol. 1

Hades Project Zeorymer Separtation

Tweeny Witches Vol. 3

The Soul Taker Blood Betrayal

Viewtiful Joe Vol. 1

Kujibiki Unbalance Vol. 3

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 4

And of Course…

Yep, I own this now...

Yep, I own this now…

Otoboku Vol. 3

So…this was box full of titles that I’ve either never heard of, have little interest in watching or don’t have the first few volumes of. While I’d be angry about it, I’m left with the words of Ray from Trailer Park Boys “It’s the way of the road.” This was a gamble and despite the seeming lack of gold up front, some of these shows could be very good.

That being said, over the next few months I’ll be reviewing some of these DVDs.

Here’s hoping that I enjoy one or two. Or maybe I’ll set them all on fire and film it…we’ll find out as we go.

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