WrestleMania 30 Hang-Over

The one day a year normal people care about wrestling...

The one day a year normal people care about wrestling…

So it’s one day after the 30th WrestleMania and the story is undoubtedly not Daniel Bryan finally winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (or the Undisputed United Supercard Mega Awesome Championship), but Brock Lesnar breaking the 21-year (really 22 but whatever) winning streak of the Undertaker.

While that is an important story there were a number of items that came out of this event that might get over looked in the fracas.

So before I rant about the loss let’s talk about what people might have forgot.

WWE? Pushing young talent?

Image owned by WWE.

Image owned by WWE.

So I’ve been a fan of ROH and Chikara over the years so it’s clear to me that the very European Cesaro was born to be a star.

He has awesome move set, is a good promo (in a number of languages) and has a lot of charisma. The only thing that’s shocking is that it took the WWE so long to give him his moment.

Cesaro’s role in the event was to break up his tag team the Real Americans and push himself into the higher mid-card by winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

While he’s probably not getting a WWE title shot anytime soon, he’s still got some space to grow in the company before then. But there’s still the feud between him and Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger that we need to get through first.

I’d keep this feud short as both guys could be moved onto other things rather quickly whether that be other Tag Teams or full singles runs.

For Extreme Rules maybe a specialty match to end the feud quick. But seeing how we have all this TV and PPVs to fill we’ll more than likely see them fight for a few months. I also doubt that we’ll see the Andre trophy after this next RAW either.

On the other side of the Cesaro run is the Shield. While the once heel group was moving towards a break up, the story was stopped in order for them to beat up three old men in suits.

The six-man tag was the squash of the night as Kane and The Outlaws looked more like 3MB rather than former Tag and World Champions. I’m guessing this match was just a way to give everyone something to do and has finished.

While this feud could go anywhere the main focus of the split seems to be between Roman Reigns and originally overlooked highflier Seth Rollings. Hopefully all three guys will get solid pushes as the creative seems to focus on these two more and not Dean Ambrose.

Maybe a three-way feud for the useless US Title might come in the next few months but right now I’d like to see them stick together. However the problem with the group sticking together is, they don’t really have anyone to feud with.

It’s a short list, maybe the Wyatt’s if they’re done with Cena but that’s about it, seeing how 3MB are jobbers by trade. So I’m sure the break up starts soon…great.

Speaking of the Wyatt’s, they seemed to be the team that didn’t get a push at the end of the event. Despite their amazing entrance (seriously it was great), the match with Cena didn’t really inspire a great deal.

The match seemed to only put Cena over as this giant among WrestleMania heroes, but he was already there. He’s John Cena, he’s like Hogan but with jorts, we get it.

He didn’t need the win but he got it anyway, nothing new there.

Additionally while there was some new talent pushed, the Andre Battle Royal seemed to point out just how thin the rest of the roster truly is. With jobbers flying in every direction it was clear that the majority of the mid card is never getting over.

So in summation Cesaro and Shield good/Wyatt’s, 3MB and Zack Ryder bad. Although we should be more than a little use to Ryder jobbing, it’s just impressive that he did it on PPV.

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Image owned by WWE.

Image owned by WWE.

Amazingly we get one moment on the show that fans have wanted for almost a year now, Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion.

It’s almost been a drinking game over the past year; drink when Bryan is buried, spoken down to or beaten down to end a RAW. I haven’t done the research but I’m sure he spent around a quarter of the past six months RAW’s lying in the ring to end a Monday night.

While Bryan was loved by fans his rise has hit a number of road blocks over the years; Sheamus at WM28, his constant RAW main events with Randy Orton, his Tag run with Kane that didn’t even lead to a real feud to the several Championship swerves that happened over the past few months.

Whether this is due to CM Punk leaving or it was the plan all along, the final moments of WM30 with Bryan in the ring with the belts yelling yes seemed to make up for the years of pain (even if the live crowd was a little deflated after a certain match).

Bryan will be a good champion and hopefully will get the chance to shine like Punk did when he started his long Title run.

I just have a feeling that it might lead him down a short painful road that ends with a scary man in MMA gear.


Image owned by WWE.

Image owned by WWE.

So with a doubt the biggest story out of last night was AJ defended her title against all of those Diva’s in what could be Vikkie Gurerroro’s final WWE appearance…oh and the Undertaker lost or something.

Yes after 23 years, 21 wins, 19 opponents (including the Handicap Match at WM19) and one year off (WrestleMania 2000) Taker finally lost at WrestleMania.

What makes this lose special was the fact that he lost to the up and coming Brock Lesnar who has a bright future in the business ahead of him. With this win this young rookie can take the WWE by storm and change the industry. Change it with his 13 bookings a year.

See here’s the issue with booking these part-time guys, they’re part time.

While the promo work of the Rock was cool to have back for a few months, he disappeared shortly after WM29. In a few months the returned Batista will more than likely disappear, leaving the audience with nothing but nightmares of skinning jeans and split pants (and we’ll all have to deal with that).

The only one who can do this and not be the target of jokes is the Undertaker, whose gimmick evolved into wrestling once a year. Last year we were blessed with three matches but he left soon after only to return during Mania season.

His few matches made the event feel special and was one of the more interesting parts of the event each year. With that gone the WWE is left in an odd spot. What about next year?

While the WWE seems to be a company that flies by the seat of it’s pants booking wise, they still have some idea of what’s happening at Mania. Now they could have a hole in their roster.

Sure he had to stop wrestling at some point but I ask you did he have to lose?

I’d argue that the streak is larger than any title that the WWE has had over the years. It’s been held by one person for so long that it’s special. Now that’s it’s gone so to is some of the charm of WrestleMania.

Even if Taker wanted to lose this brings up another issue, why Lesnar?

While the two might be friends outside of the ring it doesn’t really fit. Granted it’s better than say Cena or Bryan winning but they could have built it up a lot better than they did. This is was a bit of a magical thing in WWE.

Ultimately the build for the feud wasn’t that great. It rested on the fact that it was WrestleMania and it was the Undertaker. It didn’t feel special like the matches that Taker had in the past with Michaels, Triple H or even CM Punk. Despite this it’s clear why they hitched their wagon onto Lesnar.

When he returned to the company he seemed to boost some PPV buys and grabbed more people’s attention. While this was impressive they didn’t book him properly. This was made clear by his loss to Cena.

While I’m not a Cena fan I get the whole, make him job first idea. Lesnar left to try and play football and they wanted to beat him first when he came back, but it crippled the build they needed.

The creative team has been trying to rebuild him ever since by making him feud with Triple H, Mark Henry and the Big Show. Sadly none of them really worked.

With that in mind it would make sense for Taker to lose and kickstart Lesnar’s push. But Lesnar isn’t too far off from hanging up his MMA gloves himself. Any ground they make would be lost if he stops wrestling or just doesn’t re-sign his contract in a year.

Or maybe the company just wanted to shock the audience with one major swerve. If that was the case congratulations WWE you shocked a lot of people.

I wanna buy this guy a coffee, put a blanket over him and tell him everything is gonna be ok...

I wanna buy this guy a coffee, put a blanket over him and tell him everything is gonna be ok…

On the topic of fan reactions, I think some took the shock way to personally. While the shots of the stunned fans were amazing to say the least, according to some on Twitter several fans left the event early in anger/shock/sadness.

While I was shocked and confused about the loss I didn’t want to turn the PPV off, that came during the following Diva’s match but I powered through it.

People paid a lot of money to see the event live and leaving before it’s done is very shocking to me. However, I’m sure their leaving was meant to be a statement more than anything.

If there were some that took their leaving as an action against the company, you’re disapproval will probably go on deaf ears. Ears deafened by piles of money, their own money.

Fan reaction aside there’s one thing everyone over looked; this match wasn’t that great.

It wasn’t as bad as some of Taker’s earlier Mania matches (i.e. Giant Gonzalez) but these two just didn’t mesh well. Both guys looked tired and didn’t really hit a great pace that worked with each other. This became painfully clear when Lesnar hit some sad looking German Suplexes onto Taker near the matches finish.

The lack of work rate led to a befuddled response from the live crowd when Lesnar got the three count. No one thought it was the finish, as most Taker matches end in spotfests that would leave a normal wrestler winded. Instead the crowd more or less just sat on its hands for a while and barely even manage some boos.

Despite the match quality and it’s ending the WWE managed to do one of their goals, make a memorable WrestleMania moment. We won’t remember the match; we’ll remember the image of a defeated Undertaker walking back to the locker room with everyone on their feet clapping.

No one remembers the Hogan/Andre match, they only remember the slam. No one remembers the full Iron Man Match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart but we have the visual of Shawn on his knees with the belt in our heads. This will be up there with those moments whether we like it or not.

So that’s it. The WWE built some new stars and ended ones streak. The company wanted to make WM30 one of the biggest events in their history. It’ll be a memorable one to say the least.

Think I’m wrong? Feel free to yell at me in the comments below. Or just talk about how sad you are about the Streak ending.

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