Veronica Mars Review

Veronica Mars is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Veronica Mars is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

 Due to my lack of knowledge of Veronica Mars, I chose not to post a review. I thought I’d leave that to the expert. So without further ado here’s Denis’ review of Veronica Mars. 

A long time ago, we used to be friends.

A lot of great TV shows also have a great theme song, but damn if Veronica Mars theme song isn’t the most fun.

I first saw Ms. Mars sleuthing a few years back. It had been off the air for a while so I did what everyone does with television nowadays and binge watched.

I hadn’t seen anything like it before. I challenge anyone not to get hooked after the pilot episode. It flawlessly presented a show that blended genres, built complex mysteries, and had arguably the best female lead in any TV show I’ve seen.

Of course watching the series once wouldn’t suffice. I think I’m at about five viewings of the entire run of Veronicas adventure through the seedy underbelly of Neptune, California that I kept wondering what if the series continued (And not with an FBI change up).

Finally thanks to the classic comedy formula of Tragedy+Time, Veronica Mars managed to bring itself back to life with the help of its dedicated fan base. That brings us to now.

“People say I’m a Marshmallow”

Our Titular character Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) doing some detective work.

Our Titular character Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) doing some detective work.

Veronica Mars picks up several years later from when we last saw her. She’s in New York, dating Piz and is looking for a job at a law firm.

Shortly after a positive interview she gets a call from her old buddy Logan that some murdering has happened. She’s then brought back to Neptune to see the old gang, solve a mystery, and change up boyfriends.

I will start by saying that seeing the movie was quite jarring, theres something about high anticipation for seeing a movie, and having all these expectations that makes the experience kinda hinky.

It was nice to see the cast fall so naturally back into their roles, and surprising to see such a large cast even return. But its a tall order to boil a series with 60+ Episodes at 45 minutes each, into an hour and forty-five minute film and not have it miss some things.

Balance makes all the difference.

Veronica Mars billed itself as a Teen Detective show, but it really was a Teen Drama shrouded in the grit and mystery of a noir, that was held together with humour and drama. It was a complex blend but managed to balance it all incredibly well. The film felt unbalanced, and thats why it kinda bugged me afterward.

The mystery of the film by the end felt both rushed, and kinda anti-climatic. Especially since the film played with a larger mystery that didn’t come together.

What was Sax and Keith talking about? Big corruption? Who was the guy shrouded in darkness with the phone? Who was driving the pickup?

At least the cinematography was good.

At least the cinematography was good.

The films mystery didn’t have to tie in the old gang, why not make it something new? They went out of their way to show that Neptune has changed and even seems to have gotten more corrupt and divided. Why didn’t they main mystery tie into that?

Since I saw this film with someone that had never seen the series (see Derek’s post here), I couldn’t help but see the film from an outside perspective.

Sure it was great to see the characters again, it looked great and felt right. But it just missed the mark on an element of the series that was one of its strongest; the mystery and crime that erupts from the class divide in Neptune.

And with the town getting worse, it paved way for a new mystery to develop over the course of the film and conclude at its end. But it feels like the mystery was a bit unsurprising and its ending just kinda showed up.

I kinda hate to nitpick and bitch about something that I’ve waited quite a while to finally see. But after years of waiting, I wanted it to be amazing. I didn’t wanted it to feel like a conclusion but didn’t want it to lead into a follow up either.

I just wanted to see Veronica Mars break down Neptune. But she just kinda hung out by the wall and you know, didn’t break it.

Veronica Mars was produced by Warner Bros. Digital and Spondoolie Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is based upon the show of the same name created by Rob Thomas.

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