Another Chikara Update: Chikara Lives?

Chikara Lives...and stuff

Chikara Lives…and stuff

Well it seems that the Ashes storyline has ended faster than I thought it would. But before we get there, here’s what you’ve missed.

Torch: In this short video we get a preview of what’s to come, as we see a group of indy wrestling heels (not all of whom are totally related to Chikara) and a caption saying that “the End is Now.”

Believe: Next we get to see the foundations of an alliance between the remains of the Colony and Icarus. The video also points out the shutting down of the Wrestling Is mini promotions. They also hint that something big would happen at National Pro Wrestling Day. The episode is capped off with a version of Walking on Air.

Rise: The final video is more or less a promo for the ending of the storyline. Additionally seeing how this is shot in Philadelphia, there’s a Rocky running up stairs gimmick. Very creative.

National Pro Wrestling Day: So this brings us to what I’d imagine is the end of the storyline. During one of the show’s matches (around the 1:57:45ish mark) the group of heels come out and start beating up the ref and competitors alike. The group seemingly lead by Jimmy Jacob’s also featured members of the BDK and even Dr. Cube from Chikara’s sister promotion Kaijiu Big Battel. Soon the Chikara alliance appears and stand-off starts. After some time of promos that were almost unintelligible due to the mic not being mixed properly with the video, some of the heels in robes reveal themselves to be Chikara members and a fight soon starts. Shortly after Archie in a Delorean appears and the heels leave the arena. Icarus holds up a sign claiming that Chikara will return on May 25 of this year. But is the feud/story is over?

General Thoughts: In the last post I pointed out that all wrestling story lines need to end in the ring however, this isn’t really what I meant.

Feuds generally ends with matches not brawls. Ultimately I’m hoping that this card will be headlined by a tag match between Chikara led by Icarus and the Heels captained by Jacob’s. However, nothing has been set. Despite this tickets are available at their website.

On the subject of Jacobs, where is Vavasseur? He was the heel who “killed” the promotion however, he hasn’t be heard from since the Aniversario: Never Compromise iPPV. Is Jacobs his replacement in all of this? Are we just suppose to forget about him?

In not related new, Chikara signed a sweet deal with Anime Distributor Neon Alley, where they will broadcast the promotion as part of their fall schedule. The deal seems to imply that they’re only airing past show’s in edited versions (2 hours in length much like old WCW tapes), here’s hoping they start producing new content for them as soon as things start up again.

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