Chikara Update

Over the past few month’s a storyline has been building on the internet. While Chikara hasn’t had a show since their last PPV in June of last year, Aniversario: Never Compromise several of these Ashes videos have been posted on Youtube chronicling the adventures of some of their talent.

It looks like Icarus is trying to rally several of the old staples of the company to come back and fight the evil Vavasseur and restart the company.

Here’s the latest videos. To catch up check out these posts here.

Dead Horse: In this post we get to catch up with former/current Chikara Grand Champion, Eddie Kingston. This episode best demonstrates just how badly some of the acting is for these videos. While Kingston is a strong working in the Indy scene. Icarus and Kingston argue and Kingston eventually starts to see what Icarus is telling him.This episode also has some of the worst production values in the whole series, but the point get’s across.

Deja Vu: Continuing the bad acting we get Deja Vu. This time we get to see RD Evans (after his jobber appearance on Smackdown). The series tries to explain that Archie is currently in Parts Unknown and that he’s needed in order to revive the promotion.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: While we’ve been following a number of character’s this is the first time in a while that we get to see the Colony. This time we see the first Ashes appearance of UltraMantis, one of Chikara’s heels/commentators. Setting is one of the most interesting as the image of masked wresters drinking in a bar is pretty funny. That being said the fact that most of the video is spent with masked wrestlers talking, it looks a bit like a child playing with action figures.

History: One of the things that makes these videos interesting is that we can get to see what some of the wrestlers are up to. Returning this time is UltraMantis but this time we see him in what appears to be day job as a librarian. This episode also featured some of the best production with the camera able to create some cool shots.

Solitude: In this video we continue the search for Archie. The two morons happen upon the famous Parts Unknown.

Fuel: This time round we get some story on deviAnt of the Chikara roster. This episode is made worse by the fact that everyone in the video are wearing masks. It’s hard to act in masks but it looks even worse when you dub them.

Flood: The action carries over into this video. Dubbing is still bad, but hey at least there’s wrestling in these two videos.

Ideas: This time round Icarus drops by the house of Chikara Co-founder Mike Quackenbush. This video matches the most of Icarus’ story with him trying to get people back to fight for the company. The video also features the voices of Gorilla Monsoon and Alfred Hayes.

When?: The Archie Saga continues as we start to see just what he’s been up to since his last appearance, Ryback not with standing.

General Thoughts: While some of these videos can be fun and interesting, this story needs to come to some kind of head soon. This batch of videos demonstrated some of the better and worst production and acting which ends up making some of these video painful to watch.

While I’m not expecting WWE quality in production, most of these videos could benefit from proper mic work, by that I mean the use of a microphone that’s not built into the camera.

Additionally I’m still not sure how this is going to end. This is still a wrestling storyline, albeit a ambitious one at that. Is this gonna end with a match between Icarus and deviAnt? Maybe a 10 man tag or something? If so then who else are the bad guys going to be? Wrestling story lines still need to end in the ring, despite what Vince Russo would have some believe.

Also what’s happening with Condor Security?

That being said, I’m still interested in this. While I wasn’t a huge Chikara fan before, this story has certainly grabbed my attention, however it needs to gain more steam end soon.

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