The Liebster Award…What the Heck is that?

I took this image off of Google, I fear nothing...

I took this image off of Google, I fear nothing…

While I whole heartedly believe things like blogs and podcasts are the way of the future, we’ve just not found the right way to market them yet and make money. Additionally it’s difficult just to get people interested in either your own or someone else’s blog. Despite this there are some who’re trying to do just that through things like The Liebster Award.

A couple of hours ago I had no idea what the hell this was until friend and fellow blogger Robynne sent me a link saying that she nominated me for the Award. So I decided to do what any good/hack journalist would do: Google it and only look at the first three posts.

From what I understand the “Award” is something of a chain letter where you have to fulfil a group of goals. These goals/rules can differ but this version goes as such:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with fewer than 200 followers (upon editing I didn’t really follow that one).
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

However, before I drag others into my own pyramid scheme, I must look at the questions that Robynne has sent my way.

NOTE: I didn’t look at the questions she sent me before hand. I’ll try and answer them as truefully/smart-assidly as I can.

1. What is the topic of your blog?

The topic of this little blog has changed a bit over the three years I’ve been doing it. It first started as a school assignment where I had to run a blog on a specific topic. Mine was getting outsiders into the world of comic books. Go back enough in my posts and you’ll see a video I did in my local comic store and even a slap-dash piece that I wrote about organizing a comic collection. While the idea was interesting it limited the things I could write about. After the class was over I changed the idea to reviews, podcasts and editorials based upon all things geek culture.

2. Why did you decide to choose this topic?

Like I stated in the last question, the idea was kind of specific and there was a lot more I wanted to write about. So I soon started writing about comics, movies, anime, television, video games and pro wrestling  as a way to expand my writing style. Plus I could talk about this stuff forever.

3. What’s the best feedback you have received about your blog?

The very fact that someone would even read what I’ve written is amazing to me but I’ve had a number of people try to get me to review things such as music and even a student film. I’ve also had someone interesting in featuring one of my posts on a memorabilia website, however that post they wanted basically criticizes the whole market that the website was dedicated to so I’m not sure if they got the point.

4. What does your horoscope say about what will happen to you in 2014?

…by no means do I believe in any of this stuff. However, I’ll look into. Just give me a moment. I’m a Gemini/June baby for those of you who care.

According to website A) there’s no way I’m gonna credit these websites here, I’m thinking of looking into a new field of work to increase my income. While someone could look at the state of the journalism industry and say that’s a slam dunk, this is something that I really want to do, of course I wanted to be a cop once and the whole G20 thing made me happy that I have high arched feet…that’s a flat footed cop joke for you playing at home.

Website b) tells me that I need to challenge my deepest ideas today. While standing in the check out at my local Wal-Mart for 30 minutes earlier today made me question my faith in humanity I doubt I’m gonna take up murder anytime soon. Although as I’m writing this Space Dandy hasn’t debuted yet, so if it turns out to be bad theres still a chance.

5. What is your favourite movie?

This one is a hard one as I’m a film geek and a bit wishy-washy about this question. If I must pick one I’d have to pick Good Will Hunting. While this might be a bit of an odd choice it has so many great moments that makes the movies so damn memorable. I still get a bit teary eyed every time Robin Williams tells Matt Damon it isn’t his fault…but that doesn’t make me any less of a man. Cause I’m a real man; I like rainbows, kittens, Escaflowne and…I’m getting off track here.

6. When you were a kid: what did you want to be when you grew up?

Wow I seem to be answering questions in other answers. I’ve had a number of ideas in my head about what I wanted to do with my life. Before journalism the plan was to be a Police Officer like my father, however due to the fact that I’m so out of shape and already have a bad back (yes I really do, stop rolling your eyes) I’d more than likely be a rent a cop. Other ideas were being a English/History teacher due to my love for those subjects (despite my own poor spelling thanks public school education) and even a small business owner. However, the idea of being a writer was always something that I found attractive. So here I am with a blog where I review cartoons from Japan and men pretending to fight each other, all while working in a small music store…I’ve probably made the right choice.

7. Whats the best advice you’ve ever received from a stranger?

While a scary old man from downtown Oshawa once told me that “I need to wear a belt so I don’t look like one of those Wiggers on TV” I’d hardly call that advice as he was probably on something at the time. Probably the best advice a stranger gave me came from a drunken musician at a local music and arts festival in my hometown called the Bent Family Summer Solstice Celebration a few years ago. Now had the sun been out and not pitch black I might of recognized this person but while the two of us were looking for his fiddle that he misplaced in a drunken stupor he told me that, “You have to suffer through all of the bad stuff to get the stuff you like or you just have to get use to eating shit” While it’s not something that I’d put on a fortune cookie, there’s some meaning in their somewhere.

8. Do you think you are better alone or in a relationship?

Ok well this took a turn for the different. While I’ve had bad luck with relationships for a couple of reasons, I do think that I’ll be with someone i.e. married someday. While I’m a more loner in my everyday life, it can get lonely from time to time. I’m still looking for that special someone to bother for the rest of my life, but I’m doing it while I spend most of my time watching wrestling and anime in a basement. So, with this in mind I’m currently accepting applications for girlfriends. If there are any single ladies out there reading this, I enjoy long walking on the beach, snow shoeing, watching lots of television, cuddling and movies staring Jeff Goldblum.

Guys need not apply, unless you look like this man...

Guys need not apply, unless you look like this man…

Send your applications to this email address;

9. What event do you think changed your life forever?

While I like to be a smart ass and say this “Award” has changed my life I’d have to say that probably making friends with a local video game store manager named David changed my life. While I wasn’t depressed or anything before hand, he was the one who fed my interest in comics by lending me most of his comic collection and gave me the basic knowledge of 2000s DC Comics Event history I currently have today (Ted Kord RIP) and we later started delegating the titles that we collected so we could both read them. While we’ve both since gone in different directions he still deserves the recognition for turning me into the sad, out of shape blogger I am today…thanks David.

10. What is the best book you’ve ever written?

While I’m not J.D Salinger I’ve written a number of short stories, most of which I shall never let people read due to my cowardice, however one of my favourite things I’ve written was part of an odd writing exercise I love where the writer is given a basic concept i.e. setting and characters and then is charged with writing a bit that would be in the middle of the story. While the idea was only to write a couple of pages I ended up writing 20 pages about a guy being shipwrecked on an island. The better part of it was spent waxing poetically about the main character thinking about committing suicide and why he shouldn’t do it. Fun fact, a couple weeks later I watched Cast Away for the first time and went, “shit there goes that idea.”

There we go, wow sorry I spent a lot of time written there. Anyway here’s the group I’ve nominated for this chain-letter of hell.

Now my Questions:

1. What’s your blog about?

2. When did you first get interesting in your topic?

3. How often do you post? How ofter do you want to post?

4. What makes your blog unique? i.e. what’s the angle/point of view that makes your writing interesting?

5. Do you spend time reading/listen to other blogs/podcasts? If so, which ones?

6. What’s your favourite post on your blog?

7. Who, besides a family member, was your hero growing up?

8. Do you think that you’ll blog will help you get a job somewhere down the road?

9. What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a fellow writer?

10. And finally, what’s the one thing that you love but are embarrassed to talk to people about? i.e. I like pro wrestling but most people put it below Honey BooBoo in the entertainment world.

Thanks for reading my answers and let the games begin.

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