Watch Good Wrestling: December 2013

So it’s been a few months since the last WGW segment but like a Mark Henry, it’ll leave for a while and come back twice as strong…or bald, whichever one makes most sense.

Team WWF (The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Kane and The Undertaker) vs. Team Allience (Steve Austin, RVD, Kurt Angle, Booker T and Shane McMahon) in a Survivor Series Match.

While the Invasion era wasn’t known for it’s quality, there were still a few matches that stood out. One of which was the match that ended the feud in a winning company survives match. It should be noted that all of these guys in this match ended up keeping their jobs, so the stacks didn’t end up being that high.

Low Ki defends the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship against Prince Devitt

One of thing that’s clear about a large percentage of the WWE’s fan base is it’s lack of knowledge about foreign wrestling. Even though I wouldn’t call myself an expert, it’s clear to see that both Low Ki and Devitt are talents that deserve to be known. The two beat the hell out of each other in this one.

Colt Cabana and MMA (Mixed Martial Archie) take on The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and Mark Angelosetti)

While Colt Cabana might be known more for CM Punks shout out’s he’s still a great performer. He teams up with one of my favourite Chikara persona’s MMA aka R. D. Evans aka Archie against two guys with sports gimmicks. Sadly Colt and Archie didn’t officially go by their fan given tag name; team Jew-Jitsu.

Chikara Ashes Update: Sweat Shop

Continuing with the current Chikara storyline the Ashes series continues to expand the Chikara universe. The past three episodes; Thwarted, Fickle and the Letter didn’t give us much in the way of answers. What we really get out of these videos is that Icarus, much like myself, has terrible handwriting.

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