Watch Good Wrestling (September 2013)

Yes the WGW segment has returned, and much like the other times here are three matches that you should watch and enjoy.

Tiger Mask 1 defends the WWF Junior Heavyweight Title against Bret Hart: 02/05/82

Long before the pink and black attack he was just Bret Hart. Here in this rare match where Hart represents the WWF in New Japan Pro Wrestling two years before the company would take over his fathers promotion of Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. The match is for the short lived WWF Junior Heavyweight Title, a championship that was created to create a working relationship between it and New Japan. The title would soon be dropped after Vince Jr took over the WWF. This is video is part one of two.

Antonio Cesaro takes on Sami Zayn in Two out of Three Falls

One of the main reasons to watch WWE’s NXT is one Sami Zayn. Zayn, one El Generico, could be one of the big up and comers in the company. During his episode of NXT he started a feud with former indy star Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli). These two worked a number of matches over the months leading to a two out of three falls match. This match uses some cool psychology and interesting finishes. It’s also one stiff match as both guys get beaten up. At times NXT features better matches than its WWE counterpart, and here’s one of the front runners for WWE match of the year.

Big Show defends the ECW Title against Ric Flair in Extreme Rules match

Remember the WWECW? Yep it was awful, but there were a few cool moments. Namely when Ric Flair took on the Big Show under extreme rules (no DQ). Flair, who was in his late 50s at the time, ends up taking some crazy bumps that may have hurt him more than any hour broadways he had as NWA champion. Ric Flair in a ECW ring is kind of a brain melting moment, even if it’s fake ECW.

Bonus: Chikara Ashes- Man Down

As I wrote in the past, Chikara is going through a large storyline based around the end of the company. But, in it’s place we’re getting these seemingly related clips from a series called Ashes featuring Chikara Wrestlers. This time it’s the Colony who get’s their only video. What does it mean? Is this leading to a new Chikara event? I don’t know, Im just interested in seeing where it goes.

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