Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden

Eden of the East the Movie I: Paradise Lost is owned by Production I.G. and licensed by Funimation Entertainment

Eden of the East the Movie I: Paradise Lost is owned by Production I.G. and licensed by Funimation Entertainment

At some point in our lives we all want to change the world.

Some think that they can do good by helping other people, while others just want to try and get back in the world in some way; however, we often don’t get the power to change things.

But we all often wondering what we would do if we were given the power to affect things.

In the case of Akira Takizawa, the main character of Eden of the East, power leads to you wiping your mind…twice for some reason.

Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden is the first of two anime films that act as a sequel to the Eden of the East series.

The story once again revolves around Saki Morimi as she tries to find Akira who disappears after the events of the series.

Her search leads her, once again, to America where she runs into Akira once again brainwashed of his memorizes and wondering the streets of New York.

Akira doesn’t know anything about the world that he has started to create due to his vague command at the end of the final episode.

Once the two meet up Akira starts to piece things together as they continue to go deeper into the “game” and the mysteries that come with it. What are the other Seleçãos planning? Who created the game? Why is the Air King a brand?

Akira becomes something of a folk hero after the show

Akira becomes something of a folk hero after the show

As you might imagine this film is meant for people who have either watched the original series or the compilation film that was released before this movie. If you’re not in either of those categories then the film won’t make any sense to you as there isn’t even a small recap to sum up what happened in the past 11 episodes.

However, we do see some of what happened after Akira saved Tokyo for the attack through the opening credits of the film. This is one of the cooler things about the movie, and it’s done without a single line of dialogue.

While the series original creative team and cast returns for this film, leaving little different between this movie and the series as a whole.

The film only has a running time of 82 minutes and doesn’t really advance the story that much, leading me to question why they pushed to finish the story’s with films. If there wasn’t a lot to do in this film, then why not only do one larger film?

One thing that could save the film is it’s production values, however the movie is almost identical to the show in it’s appearance.

Normally on projects such as these there’s a larger budget to help make scenes pop and impress, this time there isn’t anything out of the ordinary what so ever. What we end up getting is an 80 plus minute film that could have been broken down into separate episodes.

What little story we do get comes from either the annoying retread of the original series (the whole memory lose gimmick) or the confusing and not really explained final 15 minutes. The main plot twist (if you can call it that) could leave some viewers confused as to why something like this would happen.

The rest of the movie is left for the Eden of the East company to try and explain to themselves what the hell is happening in the plot. The problem is, most of the things that they tell us has already been explained by other characters in the series, once again leaving the viewer questioning why these characters are even around.

I can only assume that these plot points will be addressed in the final film, along with all the rest of the mysteries but I question the purpose of releasing 80 plus minutes of filler instead only to leave everything to another film. They could of focused on working on one film that was longer and told a tighter story instead of making two different movies.

King of Eden is a bit of a mess. Sure there’s some cool stuff, but it’s lack of interest in explaining it’s own story leaves me wondering if the final film Paradise Lost will wrap up the story or just leave us wondering what the hell we just saw.

Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden was produced by Production I.G. and Directed by Kenji Kamiyama. The film, like the franchise as a whole, is licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America and Manga Entertainment in Europe.

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