Time Travel, Liquidations and iPPVs: The Chikara Story

Where men are men, and they wear masks with ice cream cones on them...

Where men are men, and they wear masks with ice cream cones on them…

While most Pro Wrestling features men in spandex yelling and slamming each other, there is one company that is pushing the limits of pro wrestling.

Chikara is a wrestling promotion that was founded in 2002 by Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth, two Indy wrestlers in the Philadelphia area.

They wanted to make a wrestling promoting that was different from the countless other companies out there.

So the company put it’s focus on creating interesting and over the top characters. As a result many of the staple characters in Chikara wear masks or face paint.

Over the years these characters have evolved to include new and interesting back-stories and gimmicks. The promotion is all about having fun, and making an entertaining product that isn’t taken seriously.

However, at there last iPPV, Aniversario: Never Compromise the company began to push what could be one of the best wrestling stories of all time.

Love the DC Comics reference...

Love the DC Comics reference…

During the shows main event between defending Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston and Icarus the match was ended when the companies Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur (yes their owner gimmick is the Director of Fun) takes his private security and starts breaking down the set and shooing people out of the arena. Soon after the feed for the iPPV was cut.

The face of Chikara's death?

The face of Chikara’s death?

As fans left the arena a number of Chikara employees where seen looking upset. One employee even stated that he was fired for trying to stop the security.

To add the story Vavsseur’s company had cancelled all upcoming shows and started selling off the company’s assets (i.e. microphones and the Chikara Entrance set).

This story is a departure from the normal working of Chikara. Most fans are use to things like baseball games breaking out during a wrestling match. This one is a major step for the company.

As a fan of wrestling it’s very different to get interested in large storylines. Over the years many of the large companies have tried damn near everything. However, this story is pushing into a very different territory due to another aspect of this story…time travel.

Let me try to explain:

Great Scott!

Great Scott!

So there’s this character named Archibald Peck (real name Robert Evans). During his time is the company he’s appeared under a number of different names such as Mixed Martial Archie (a MMA gimmick), The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger (a masked cowboy who might also be magical) and as a lawyer named R.D. Evans (who’s also a manager in Ring of Honor). The reasoning behind these characters? Time Travel.

Let this video of Chikara Season 11 Epilogue Explain.

So we’re told that Peck traveled through time and became a different persona all through getting hit with a spinning back fist. Could this come into play over the course of the story?

Earlier during the Chikara event former referee now a sports blogger, Derek Sabato, cut a promo about some of the strange things that Vavasseur’s company has done. He then posted a picture one Twitter of a ground break ceremony. This photo was originally given to company founder Quackenbush that lead to him leaving during a live event.

After that he was escorted out of the building by Vavasseur’s security.

All of these story elements have fans online talking about the possible connections between all of these characters. Could this story turn into epic comic book esc time travel story? I hope so.

At this time there aren’t new developments but this storyline looks like it could continue through a number of other companies under the Wrestling Is Brand (i.e. Wrestling Is Fun, Respect, Heart so on) which features a number of Chikara stars.

Fans of wrestling should keep an eye on this story, as it could be one of the better things happening in wrestling this summer.

Want to talk Chikara? Feel free to comment below.

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    If you could share it and help spreah the word I’d really appreciate it. I’m trying to get as many people as possible looking into this – hopefully together we can get to the truth! 🙂

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