5 reasons why the Biker Era Undertaker was amazing

Truly a badass...

Truly a badass…

When it comes to big names in pro wrestling there are few like the Undertaker.

Mark Calaway started wrestling in 1984 in the Texas area. He landed in WWF in 1991 as the Undertaker and since then he’s been a staple of the company.

Over the years he’s changed his appearance and character to try and make him seem different. While he was known for his living dead like character there was a magical time in the early 2000s where Taker wasn’t the dead man but rather the American Badass (the name a 11 year old maybe came up with) a biker character who basically drove down to the ring in a Harley and beat the crap out of everyone he wanted.

During this time Taker was apart of some of the funniest segments ever recorded on film. Some of these moments are so dumb that they wouldn’t work in any other world aside from pro wrestling.

So let’s take a look back at some of his more memorable moments:

Undertaker doesn’t need no stinking urn:

In the early days of the character his manager Paul Bearer would lead Undertaker down to the ring with his urn. The urn held his power…or something. To be fair it was never really explained.

However during this time Taker didn’t need the urn, he had a motorcycle.

So when Edge and Christian choose to give Taker a gift urn, he just through it into the trash and didn’t really care.

This was a weird visual to throw to commercial with but it showed off the change in the character.

Taker chases Shane McMahon around the RAW set on a motorcycle:

As part of his Badass character Taker feuded with the McMahon’s and their various lackeys. During one segment he chased after Shane McMahon on the RAW set.

The distance between the ring and the end of the ramp isn’t long; in fact Taker could of easily just walked to him. But, seeing how this is the Undertaker, a quote Badass, he rides his bike and then parks it after traveling maybe thirty feet.

To make the segment better Shane then jumps onto the set to try and get away from him, making the scene look even more ridiculous.

Taker then chockslams the Big Show off the ramp onto some boxes off stage, which was really a staple of wrestling at the time (aside from TNA doing it a couple of years ago I really haven’t scene this spot since).

Kurt Angle drove a stupid looking scooter for one episode of RAW, so Taker could break it:

One of the McMahon’s many goons over the years was Kurt Angle. Yes before Angle was battling Aces and Eights or trying to have sex with Booker T’s wife Kurt was a comedy character.

For whatever reason, Angle had this scooter and drove it down to the ring in a similar way that Taker did with his motorcycle. But seeing how this was Takers “yard” he wouldn’t stand for that and ended up, once again, chasing Angle thirty feet on his bike and then throwing the scooter off the ramp (sadly no boxes).

What a jerk of a baby face, that scooter looked expensive.

Undertaker once tried to kill Vince and Shane McMahon with his bike:

While Vince McMahon is known for his promotional skills, he isn’t a good actor as proved during this segment.

During this segment, Vince and his goons were standing near his limo when Taker comes to wreck their s*it with his motorcycle.

This segment is highlighted by Vince flapping on the ground and nearly getting run over for real when Taker sped past him.

They then run in a staircase and jump on the side railings fearing that Taker would ride his bike up the stairs. However, Taker’s bike main weakness, much like the early Dalek’s, is stairs.

Taker once pulled Hulk Hogan around the Air Canada Centre on a bike:

This final one takes place in Toronto and features maybe the second most memorable thing Hogan did in his return to the WWE.

While feuding with the Taker (who was known not as the American Badass at this point but Big Evil) over the WWE’s Undisputed Title (a title that would later be disputed as a second world title was created a few months later) Hogan is attacked and dragged across a hallway and run into boxes and a couple pipes.

The thing that stands out to me about this segment is the fact that we had two different camera angles to watch this happen giving us more or this ridicules image to enjoy.

While the match between Hogan and Taker would be good awful Taker would win the title and would be the last to hold the title before Brock Lesnar won and made the belt brand exclusive to Smackdown.

Later that year Undertaker would lose a buried alive match (a match that he’s never won yet at times asks for) to Vince McMahon when Kane interfered. When he returned months later he returned as the undead character.

However, for those few years Taker had some of the funniest moments on RAW history, making many fans want to tune in every week and for that the American Badass/Big Evil will always be remembered.

Have a Undertaker moment that you loved? Share it below.

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