Top 5 Police Officers In Fiction

People love police stories. There have been books, comics, films and TV shows based around the profession for years.

So why not celebrate the profession and find out who’s top cop?

Here’s my Top 5 list of Police Officers in fiction:

Number 5 Rick Deckard:


I got a bad feeling about this…wait wrong movie.

In the future replicants due most of the undesirable jobs for human’s, however when these robot’s go rouge they call in police officers called Blade Runners to retire them.

Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, starts the movie as a retired, down on his luck cop but he’s pulled back into his job after his friend is almost killed during an investigation.

Deckard is then dragged into a case that nearly gets him killed every twenty minutes.

So why is he a good cop?

It’s because he keeps going.

Sure it’s out of fear of being killed but Deckard keeps moving forward with his investigation and keeps finding more and uncovering the truth.

To be honest while he does some good detective work, most of the time he just kind of falls into a lead, or the lead punches him in the face.

Weather he’s a replicant or not doesn’t matter. All the does is his drive to get the job done and for that Deckard is one of the best.

 Number 4 Robert Goren:


Solving crimes and breaking hearts since 2001.

When it came to detectives from Law and Order, it’s clear who the better detective was.

Robert Goren, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, was a criminal profiler for the New York Police Department’s Major Case Squad in Law and Order: Criminal Intent on NBC and the USA Network.

Much like another detective on this list, he wouldn’t look like he’s the best detective but he notices a lot.

Goren would often pick up suspects personal objects or question them on odd subjects to throw them off balance. In doing this, the person would show their true nature and maybe give Goren a clue.

This would make for some of the funnier moments in the show, where Goren would just screw with people and not really seem to care.

Goren appeared in 141 episodes of the show only missing one full season before returning for the shows final season in 2011. While the show wasn’t as successful as Special Victim Unit, Goren was truly one of New York’s finest.

Number 3 Big Boss Man:


Guess who I am?

So I cheated with this one a bit. Ray Traylor got his start in pro wrestling in 1985 but didn’t really become know until he became Big Bubba Rogers, the body guard for Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express in the NWA.

When he came to the WWF Vince McMahon played on Traylor’s former job as a prison guard and created the Big Boss Man.

Boss Man would use his nightstick and handcuffs as weapons to beat down his opponents. Despite this, Traylor was loved by fans and would become a baby face (good guy) some time after.

Over the years Boss Man would have a number of feuds with The Million Dollar Man, Randy Savage and even Hulk Hogan. He’d also team up with Akeem to create the Twin Towers in the 80s.

During his career in the WWF he would win the WWF Hardcore title 4 times and the Tag Titles once with Ken Shamrock. He’s also was hanged from the ceiling during WrestleMania 15 but no one wants to talk about it.

Traylor would move to a more backstage role in the WWE before being released in 2003. He would die of a heart attack one year later.

However, the legacy of the Big Boss Man isn’t lost as he is still one of the most loved classic WWF wrestlers making him the top cop of the squared circle.

Number 2 Renee Montoya:


No one bring up Two-Face…

Renee got her start through episodes of the Batman Animated Series but was brought into the comics’ word in March of 1992. Renee worked in the Gotham City Police Department quickly rising the to homicide unit.

During her career she would help save the city after a natural disaster and have her personal life ruined as she is outed as a lesbian. Despite this, she alone with her partner Crispus Allen would become two of the best on the force.

Her career would end during an event called War Games where she was left broken and frustrated.

From there she would unite with a small time vigilante named the Question and become his protégée eventually taking his role after his death.

Greg Rucka’s run of Detective Comics saw Montoya taking the back-up feature where she would fight child pornographers and slavers.

She would also become a member of Batman Inc., Batman’s attempt to unit like minded crime fighters all over the world.

However, after DC Comics’ Flashpoint series she has been left out of the fold and is yet to debut.

Honorable Mentions:

Frank Drebin:


…I got nothing for this one…

Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen, got his start on the short-lived Police Squad that aired on ABC. The show was cancelled due to poor ratings and then turned into a film franchise. Drebin’s deadpan nature led him to salve every case that he was put in charge of. He also had the single greatest line in Television history:

Dexter Morgan:


Killing criminals and stealing hearts since 2006…

Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, uses his years of experience in the field of blood spatter pattern analyst and other forensic science to track many of the serial killers in Miami. The only trouble is he kills them afterwards so…yeah he can’t be on this list.

Zack Nichols:


Being Jeff Goldblum and breaking hearts since 1952…

I already have Goren’s on this list so Nichols, played by Jeff Goldblum, couldn’t be on it but I still wanted to mention him cause he Jeff Goldblum.

And Number 1 is…



“I’ll have a donut.”

Whether he’s Frank or Phil, we all know him by one name, Columbo.

Columbo debuted as part of NBC’s Mystery Movie block in 1971, and the trench coat, cigar smoking Lieutenant played by Peter Falk, asked a lot of questions.

The show took a very different approach to story telling. While most cop dramas feature the audience learning with the detectives, the show let the viewer see the crime at the beginning of the show. From there we’d see how Columbo used his detective skills to catch the killer.

He’d use logic and check all of the details never leaving a rock unturned in his investigation. If he continued to ask you questions, it was pretty clear that he knew you where the killer.

Not many would expect this short, shabby looking man to be a great detective but he brought you in with his odd appearance and charm.

Columbo would last 10 years on NBC before being moved to ABC from 1989-2003.  Peter Falk died in 2011 but the show is still loved by many and easily available to this day.

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