All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder


All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is owned by DC Comics.

This segment was originally meant to be based around those moments that make you go WTF? But this time let’s look at a full series that made us question the sanity of not only Frank Miller but the DC Editorial staff as a whole.

In 2005 the first issue of All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder hit the market. The project was the “brainchild” of Superstar artists Jim Lee and crazy person Frank Miller. The idea was to make a prequel to the Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns that was very successful for DC comics in the past, but what we got was some of the strangest sh*t ever printed on paper…and I’ve read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: the Black Dossier.

Around this time Grant Morrison had written a very successful series called All Star Superman, which was supposed to be the beginning of a line of All Star comics featuring slightly different takes of classic characters. It worked for Superman but…it really didn’t for Batman.

The series was supposed to be released on a traditional monthly basis however, the series was plagued by delays. Reasons for the series being delayed vary but the main one is Jim Lee’s inability to keep up with the production due to obligation with the DC Universe Online Game. However, if I had to draw some of the crap that Miller wrote I’d make myself busy to.

When the issues were released we got some…interesting moments.

Some of the greater moments of the series featured Batman having sex with Black Canary on a dock for no real reason, Batman and Robin painting themselves yellow and beating up the Green Lantern and, of course, Batman yelling at a emotionally destroyed Dick Grayson by calling him “retarted” right after he just watched his parents get killed…Bruce Wayne>Gandhi.

Batman really cares about his friends...

Batman really cares about his friends…

The series was later planned to be rebooted in 2011 as Dark Knight: Boy Wonder without the All Star imprint. The series is all but forgotten as no one has really brought it up for a while and is more or less abandoned. Millar’s other Batman Project, Holy Terror Batman, was repackaged with a different publisher as just Holy Terror, minus Batman. I guess DC moved on from Frank Miller and went to dating other comic book bad boy Rob Liefeld…I just wish he’d learn who to draw legs properly.

While the DC Editorial staff would like us to forget about this series, theirs something magical about it. The series represents the bottom of the barrel when it comes to comics, a call back to an era that nearly killed the whole comic book industry. These comics don’t work in this day and age anymore, but it does make us laugh and for that All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder we love you for.

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One thought on “All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

  1. Excellent post! I had heard this series get panned, but didn’t realize quite how outrageous it actually was; “I’M THE GODDAMN BATMAN” has to be one of the most icon yet awful lines I’ve heard associated with that superhero.

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