Your Childhood Sucked: Prozzak

While I normally talk about things that were popular in most parts of the world, this one is kind of close to me. Prozzak was the brainchild of Jay Levine and James Bryan McCollum. The two played Simon and Milo respectively. The band was a virtual band similar to what the Gorillaz would be and featured a storyline revolving around Simon and Milo going into the past to find true love…man is does that seem really dumb. The duo released four albums in seven years and had a couple of songs that gained radio play both in and out of Canada. Some of the things you’ll notice from the video of their biggest song “Sucks to Be You” are: Man is that production very 90s,Why is this so catchy? and where is Simon’s neck . I must have listened to this album a hundred times in my room when I was 7 or 8. It was a major part of my childhood, to the point that when I found my copy of their first album Hot Show, I immediately popped it into my computer and started rocking to the cheesiness. But much like many other things from my childhood, it really sucked.

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