They Did What? Superior Spider-man

Superior Spider-Man is owned by Marvel Entertainment

Superior Spider-Man is owned by Marvel Entertainment

This is beginning of a new series that I’ve starting called; They Did What? It will focus on strange things that happen in the world of comics over the years. Here’s the first and most topical.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Marvel comics of their lead superhero, Spider-Man.

Personally, I’ve never really felt any connection to the character or to any of the stories that I’ve read, aside from the excellent Ultimate Spider-Man. But at least they’ve tried to keep the character interesting over the past twenty years.

Sure the clone saga was a mess but it was trying to push the comic forward and away from the traditional Spider-Man fights villain X that Stan Lee had mastered and passed on.

With the passing years every character needs a new coat of paint to make his different for a new generation and sometimes those changes don’t work. Did Wonder Woman need to know Kung Fu no. Did we need clones of Peter Parker running around no, but at least they’re trying something new.

However now with the changes happening over with Parker, I have to say that I’m at least interested.

Spoilers Ahead:

Yep...that happened.

Yep…that happened.

So for those of you who don’t know and weren’t bothered by the aforementioned spoilers, the Peter Parker you all know is dead…and now he’s a ghost…yep.

Well for some reason, the brains of Spider-man and Doc Octopus were switched. How? They didn’t tell us yet. But it happened.

In addition to that Doc was waiting of death row for his crimes. So both Parker and Doc Ock die in the final issue of Amazing Spider-man.

The next issue, Superior Spider-Man the Park-ock is in the process of killing several members of the sinister six, the ghost…essence or something of Peter Parker stops him.

So for the time being Doctor Ock and Spider-man are living inside of someone’s weird Ghost fan-fiction (check out this strip from The Gutters it’s quite funny).

Is this a good idea? In my opinion no, but it got people reading the book, which was the point.

In an industry that revolves around selling books, stories like this are the thing that they need. It was the same with the death of superman, clone saga or the death of the other Peter Parker.

Who knows maybe the title will be one of the best story’s in history. I doubt but it could happen.

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