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Skyfall Review – Developed by the insightful and always humble man god known on D&D as The Denis Umpleby. Pay attention Children!

Ok, I know. Its been weeks since the recent James Bond outing was released in theatres. But give me a break, I’ve been…..sleepwalking.



Anyway, Skyfall! James Bond is back with a vengeance, a vengeance that manifests in a very well developed film that both works as another entry into Craig’s Bond films, and compliments the history of this seductive figure. Ya, there we go. Did I pull you in? Are you intrigued?

The 23 bond film brings on Director Sam Mendes, who’s previous titles include American Beauty, and Road to Perdition. Which I found out has the sexy dude from Teen Wolf. The new MTV series, about werewolves being mysterious and sexy in a cool macho way. (This is one of the things I do, Derek doesn’t like cool things, like brooding man-candy.) Aside from Mendes directing, we also have Craig Reprising Bond, Dame Judy Dench as M, and ummmm other people who aren’t Dame Judy Dench or Daniel Craig.

The film’s plot is pretty simple, but it’s mainly works in service of the themes of Bonds relevance in a world where governments, companies and civilizations can be toppled with computers. This comes into effect with Q, the big bad blondie villain, and really with the british government even questioning why have Bond and MI6.

I saw the film a while back, and i have a hard time believing that my review would be something that convinces you dear reader that you should see it. If you like action, explosions, people without jaws, Daniel Craigs chest, estates, computers, blondes, brunettes, old ladies, or even Daniel Craig’s chest, you would have probably already have seen the film. So lets talk specifics shall we. Let me whine about little details.

So okay, general question. The movie brings up the identities of MI6 agents, if their identities are released then they get dead. Then why is James Bond the go to agent in big events when every person who’s ever heard of secret agents knows his name. It’s not even a question that people have when they meet him, he introduces himself off the bat with Bond, James Bond. At that point would the bad guys not automatically just shoot him.

What is the established Bond continuity? Is Craig’s bond in the context of the most recent series the only James Bond? Were there other double o’s before him? How old is he? When he shows up in Casino Royale how old is he? Does it take two adventures to were a bond out? Does MI6 know this? Whats MI6’s health plan? Why is hacking in moves so fake? Or do all government hackers develop fully visual GUI interfaces for all their hacking so the slack jaws in the offices around his massive computer can be all impressed and contribute to hacking? If hacking and computer badness news to MI6? Because they just brought on Q, if he’s so integral to fighting computer villainy, and thats the norm, why now? Can Daniel Craig just over the course of his talking scenes, slowly remove his shirt? Is there a god? If there is, does he like James Bond? Does he prefer Craig over Connery?

Just a few questions for Skyfall production staff to think about. Any hoo. It’s been fun. I’d like to think I’ve done something imaginative and have greatly influenced you decision to see Skyfall, but come on. You’ll see Skyfall. From now on if anybody wants to talk James Bond, they’ll talk Skyfall. After 50 years of Bond, I’m impressed they know how to make a good Bond that is relevant and genuinely interesting.

When me and Derek went to the theatre to see the movie, a trailer for the new Die Hard came up. And when it finished some kid to our right said, “They made another one.” in the most complainy sad tone. But when it comes to this and future Bonds, I can’t think of anybody saying such a thing.

Unless its that kid. He was weird, he had this tone to his voice that you could tell he was just weird and socially awkward. Not in the cool casual way I am. But in a sad and just..sad way he said it.

How do you end a review?

So…yeah that was Denis, my radio partner for our show D&D. If your interested in watching/ listening us talk about a number of things, then check out our facebook page . We’re currently in a break right now between seasons but we be posting somethings over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for more of Denis’s… commentaries.

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