Walking Sticks and Slot Machines, the Tolkien Story

Some news came out this week relating to the Lord of the Rings franchise. Grab your walking sticks and lets go!

I know we’ve heard this one before; the estate of JRR Tolkien is suing Warner Brothers for a large sum of money. But this time it’s something different.

This time the estate is suing because they feel that Warner has over stepped their marketing boundaries by making and selling a Lord of the Rings themed slot machine.

Nerds love gambling, right?

Why? Cause kids love slot machines.

According to the suit Warner was not allowed to produce anything that relates to gambling related items are outside there merchandising bounders. They also claim that the machine will harm the legacy of the author and the franchise.

In related Tolkien news a new production video for the upcoming Hobbit films was released.

The video features a lot of the postproduction that is being done for the film and the short time that they have to do it.

Why are they short on time? Cause Peter Jackson wanted another trilogy.

The video also features the most manly production department of all time;  The Department of Internal Beard-Hairs!

Here’s the link:



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