Amanda Palmer Theatre Is Evil Review

From the brain and hands of Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra and the hearts (and bank accounts) of her loyal followers, comes their newest album, Theatre is Evil.

Amanda Palmer (aka Amanda F*cking Palmer) is no stranger to doing things her own way. She’s been using a pay what you want structure for here music for a while now on her website, but this time round she wanted to make an album without the money and interference of a record label.

Using Kickstarter, Palmer created incentives to get her fans to fund the album. In the end the project raised over a million dollars, and every penny of that can be heard in the records excellent production.

For the most part, Theatre is Evil, doesn’t follow in the same direction as her first solo album, but goes farther down into the Alternative Rock genre. Songs like, Do it With a Rockstar and The Killing Type push Amanda’s piano into the background to make way for a more guitar driven sound. These songs work so well that it almost makes me thing that Amanda missed her calling of fronting an alternative punk band.

Other songs like Want it Back, and Grown Man Cry, shows off more of a melding of the traditional Palmer sound with the punk attitude. The inclusion of keyboards, rock guitar and Palmer’s strong songwriting ability make these tracks some of the strongest on the album.

Palmer also returns to a more Dresden Dolls like sound for The Bed Song and Trout Heart Replica with the blend of piano, string arrangements and Amanda’s sorrowful voice will give fans more songs to sing-a-long with during her concerts.

With so many different directions in one album, it could be difficult to make everything fit. However, the album’s track list allows songs to flow into each other properly making it an enjoyable listen from beginning to end.

Amanda shows her fans and anyone else that is paying attention that you don’t have to follow the traditional methods to make a great album. With the rise of Kickstarter and other similar websites, and a captive audience is all the support that you need.

Theatre is Evil was produced by John Congleton and was released on Amanda Palmer’s record label 8 Ft. Records. The album is available on her website in digital, CD and Vinyl format.

(Please not this video is very NSFW)

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