TNA Wrestling: No Surrender review

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TNA Entertainment closed out their Bound For Glory series at they No Surrender PPV at the Impact Zone. The writers didn’t set-up the matches until the episode before which is a little worrying. Still the Bound For Glory tournament has made sense so far, so let’s find out how it ends.


I’ve never watched a TNA preshow before and this one was good. The 30-minute YouTube video showcased the final four in the BFG series. While the final four might not be all that interesting to me, the preshow really made the tournament seem important. Nice editing and decent interviews really made the package look sharp.

BFG Semi-Final: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

The event kicked off with the first on the semi-finals. While Joe and Hardy just wrestled each other on the past episode of TV, the two tried to put on a good match. Joe was still selling the arm injury before the match, which was a big target for Hardy in this match. The match basically followed the pattern of Hardy trying to hit his areal moves while Joe would slow him down with submissions and power moves. The match finishes with Joe reversing a submission into a pin for a two, Hardy countered and covered him for the win.

In the back JB is set-up for the first of many promos of the night. This time he interviews James Storm. Storm says that he choice Bully Ray because he eliminated him from the tournament last year and he needs to prove to himself that he can win by beating him. He finishes by saying “This time I’m Bound for Glory.” While JB tries to throw it back to the ring, the feed messes up.

BFG Semi-Final: James Storm vs. Bully Ray

I love this Bully Ray character. I love his promos, his in ring and just the way that he cares himself. However, his Bully thing doesn’t work on Storm so Bully has to try and cheat to get the advantage. Bully uses strikes to keep control but Storm rallies back with a bunch of basic power moves. We got three ref bumps during this match as Storm first misses Ray with a kick and takes out the first ref, Bully then misses a clothesline to hit the second ref and finally a when Ray is pushed into a groggy Earl Hebner. The finish comes when Bobby Roode comes to the ring and hits Storm in the head with a bottle and puts Ray on top of him, giving Bully Ray the victory.

Following the match we go back to JB. This time he’s interviewing Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher. She says that she owes everything to her mentor Tara and that she can beat her.

Knockout Title: Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

So this is the break of the PPV. There’s not a whole lot to say aside from the fact that Tara was wearing a very revealing outfit and the crowd didn’t care about the match. Tessmacher wins with a roll up and the two shake hands.

In the back we see that Roode is being taken out by security. Hulk Hogan comes out and says that he’s going to jail for attacking Strom. Soon after that Storm attacks Roode from behind and security and Hogan try to break them up.

Following that we get a recap of the Aces and 8s storyline. This story in my opinion isn’t very good. We have no idea who any of them Aces and 8s members are and anytime they’re in the arena, it ends in a brain numbing brawl.

Austin Aries fights “Arm Breaker”

So Aries comes out to the ring dressed in ass kicking clothes. He gets a mic and says that he isn’t there to wrestle but kick the arm breakers ass. A double calls him out and after a minute or two he appears and the fight starts. Very little wrestling here as they beat each other up. Arm Breaker tries to use a chair but Aries hits him with a roll of coins and then a brain buster. Soon after more Aces and 8s members appear and beat up Aries, they’re quickly followed by the TNA locker room and another mind numbing brawl starts. The crowd does pop for this but they almost seem more confused about what they’re seeing in the end. The segment ends with one of the members throws Jeff Hardy into the steal part of the ring, injuring his shoulder and Hogan saying that he’s gonna call the cops. Commentators either play up the confusion or were really confused…I’m going with the latter.

After that debacle we’re treated to a short promo for the upcoming X Division title match between Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion. This, much like most of the card, had no real build and the package mostly focused on Dutt separating his shoulder during the Destination X PPV.

X Division Title: Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion

Let me start this by saying I don’t like Ion, his only build to the title was that injured another wrestler and uses hair spray. On the other hand, Sonjay Dutt is awesome. Dutt had control of the of the match by using high hitting hurricanran’s pretty much out of no where. Ion just seems to do a could of dives but sticks to a basic heel move set of chocks, low blows and clotheslines. During this match, the directors show as much interesting in the match as the writers as we cut to a picture and picture of the cops arriving at the arena. The match finishes when he hits a back-slide-slam thing where Dutt lands on his face getting the win. Despite Ion winning, Dutt worked his ass off. Dutt never does anything half ass and deservers better.

After the match we JB is in the back trying to get an update on Jeff Hardy’s injury. He’s interrupted by Magnus who basically says that Hardy and RVD are dumb and walks away.

Rod Van Dam vs. Magnus

So this match happened. The story behind that match is that Magnus called made fun of RVD after losing in the BFG series and bam they’re feuding. To add to this mess Magnus spends part of the match working on RVD’s leg with a number of moves, including a Texas Cloverleaf. Dr. Taz makes this amazing by saying the move hurts because it affects the cartilage, blood and stuff. So RVD with his injured leg proceeds to use that leg in every bit of offence. The match ends with Rob hitting a 5 Star Frog Splash. Boring match all around.

More BJ face time as he’s backstage, he’s still trying to get an update on Hardy but stops to interview the World Tag Team Champions of the World, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. They say that the only reason they need police at the arena is for the crimes against them. They complain about the fact they have to defend their titles but says that they’ll win and celebrate with Appletinis. Also Daniels calls Hogan “Thunder Lips.”

Tag Titles: Christopher Daniels/Kazarian vs. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle

Thank god that Clair Lynch isn’t around any more, cause this match was the best on the card. Daniels and Kazarian are just great old school heels and they do a great job of separating their opponents. The momentum shifted greatly in this match as the heels bend the rules to get the advantage and Angle and Styles would rally back with desperation moves. While Angle and Styles aren’t as good as a team as Kazarian and Daniels they do a good job of teasing the hot tags. Kazarian takes a big bump when Angle and Styles throw him up about nine feet into the air, landing on his back. The finish comes when Angle, who was already injured from a house show earlier in the week, falls out of the ring with Daniels and messes up his injured leg. Styles goes for the Styles Class but Daniels throws his Appletini into his eyes and they get the roll up. Like I said, best match on card. Girly drinks all around!

Outside the arena Hogan is talking to the cops. He says that if they find an Aces and 8s member that they should cuff em’, beat em’ up and take them away.

After that JB is backstage for the final interview. This time it’s Bully Ray that is but on the promo seat. Ray says he’s sorry about what happened to Hardy and that the Aces and 8s need to be stopped. He goes on about how he’s changed over that past two years and that he not just bound for glory by “Destined for Greatness.”

After the promo the cops surround the ring. Ray comes down to the ring but Hardy doesn’t. Hogan comes out instead. Hogan explains that if Ray really wants to win fairly he’ll give Hardy a couple days to heal. Both Ray and the crowd think this is bullshit as Hardy’s music plays. Hardy limps out of to the ring and the match begins.

BFG Final: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

I hesitate to call this one a match as Ray just beats up Hardy until Hardy pulls a Twist of Fate out of his ass. He hit’s four of them before he hits the Swanton Bomb and wins the match. Why? Cause the kids love addicts. I hate this type of finish, there is no logical way for him to win but he pulls it out anyways. Plus I don’t really care for a Hardy/Aries match next month. It’s face vs. face in there biggest PPV of the year and I question the choice.

In the End…

This wasn’t a good PPV. TNA has been on a roll for PPVs but this one wasn’t all that great. The BFG series ended poorly and it was left up to Sonjay Dutt, Kazarian and Daniels to carry the PPV for me. I’m happy that the next PPV isn’t in the Impact Zone because this crowd was dead. Still, at least there wasn’t any Brodus Clay or Ryback.

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