A campus radio show called DDT

Look at those losers…I mean upstanding radio hosts

For the past two years, I’ve been done a radio show at my college campus radio station, Riot Radio, with two friends. The show is called DDT. Why DDT? Well, that’s because it’s hosted by myself (Derek), Denis and Tim…get it? I know it’s cleaver isn’t it? Well it’s better than “Dead Air.”

So the third season of DDT is quickly approving so I thought I would post the links to the past episodes. Enjoy…or don’t. But, download then anyway…

Season One: A two hour show on Saturdays, where we basically didn’t know what the hell we were doing and no one really cared.

Episode One: Welcome to DDT

Episode Two: Whatever Happened to the Journalism Boyz?

Episode Three: Bear Hugs, Bear Kisses and Bearly Legal

Episode Four: This Episode Has No Title (aka Elephants, Computers and Trains)

Episode Five: Anarchest Pig, That Bacon Ain’t Kosher 

Episode Six: Sheen says the Damnedest Things

Episode Seven: The One That Was Posted Late

Episode Eight: Technical Issues

Episode Nine: Black Friday

Episode Ten: The Season Finale

Season Two: A one hour show at a brand new Riot. We had less time and we knew more than we did the last season (which isn’t saying a lot).

Episode One: Tubing Noobs

Episode Two: Technical Issues Two (Electric Boogaloo)

Episode Three: Reviewapalooza

Episode Four: 21 Joke Street

Episode Five: We’re Sorry

Episode Six: Reel Geeks

Episode Seven: Hot, Hot Geeks

Episode Eight: Outdated Media Reference

Episode Nine: The Final Countdown!

Podcast Series (aka Poor Show): A series of podcasts we recorded in Denis’s basement during the summer. Warning! We say bad words. Hide your kids, hide your wives.

Episode One: You Ruined it With Penises and Knives Part One

Episode Two: You Ruined it With Penises and Knives Part Two

Episode Three: If You’re Done Beatin’ Your Meat

Episode Four: I’m Glad You’re Done Beatin’ You Meat

If you’re interested in following us, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also don’t forget to visit, bookmark, blog about etc. Durham College/UOIT’s Riot Radio, they’re doing some cool stuff when we’re not on the air.

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