WWE Saturday Morning Slam Review

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The WWE in recent years has put a large focus on younger viewers. With such a child friendly product it seems obvious to make a wrestling Saturday morning show to capitalize on a potentially growing fan base.

What is surprising however is how enjoyable the product is.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam is a new format for the company. Instead of boring its audience with a three hour shows riddled with filler, its a tight half an hour format on the CW’s Vortex programming block (cause old episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh get boring after a while).

The episodes will feature a similar format, but the first episode gave us: a kayfabe profile of kid friendly Brodus Clay including a “dancing” lesson (if you call what Clay does dancing), a list of other “funky” wrestlers such as Too Cold Scorpio, Rikishi, Too Cool, Junkyard Dog and Disco F-ing Inferno (which is awesome for some reason), a Q & A segment featuring the mid-card talent, a lip syncing segment featuring many of the wrestlers (including D-Bryan and Punk) and a longer than it needed to be match between Kofi Kingston and Heath Slater (guess who won).

Is it cheesy? At times, but it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. It’s has a fast pace and finished before the viewer could be fed up with it. Plus the lip synching segment, while short, legitimately made me laugh.

A major issue that I had with the show (besides Heath Slater’s inclusion) was the inclusion of Santino Marella and his US Title at commentary. This episode aired after Santino lost the title to Antonio Cesaro. Granted the episode was taped before Summerslam, it’s still sloppy (much like ROH TV). Also Santino’s fake accent is as awful as it’s always been and listening to him talk for seven minutes is annoying.

I should also make note that the show has a strike “no hold to the head or neck” policy, so no chocks, sleepers, chinlocks, Chockslams or other moves that attack the neck or head in a similar way. While I doubt that Kane would wrestle on the show, it could limit what people could do on the show. Despite that as Slater and Kingston showed you could have an OK match while playing by those rules.

In summation, the show is fun, short and for the most part enjoyable. If your looking for something to help get a kid interested in wrestling, it should entertain them enough to get them started. Just don’t follow it up with old FMW Death Match Tapes.

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