Nerd News June 17-23

Here’s the return of Nerd News. Last Weeks News, Today!

Here’s what you might of missed:

One Bad Acid Trip:

Here’s a funny clip that made its way across the internet. The video asks the question: “What happens when a Pokemon uses acid?”

Judgment has been passed:

Finally the trailer for the upcoming film Dredd, based upon the character Judge Dredd, was released. While I’m saddened by the lack of “I Am the LAAAAAAAAAAAAA” screaming it still looks good.

Another Dark Knight Rises Trailer:

So the release date for Nolan’s finale to the Batman character is coming closer, we get another trailer. This time it’s a Nokia exclusive. What does that mean? Who cares? It’s still awesome.

Get on Mr. Martin:

Finally we get the music video for the Paul and Storm song Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin). The song is a plea for Martin to finish the last two books. It’s funny and features some good references (George R. R. Martin is not your bitch) check it out.

Also as an aside to here’s the newest episode of my Pirate Radio Podcast. Download it:

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