WWE NXT Season Six Premier Review

WWE’s NXT has gone through quite a bit over the years. While the show started out as a game show that bored most of the people who watched, but when ECW was cancelled, NXT was turned into an on-going show…that bored most of the people who watched it. So when WWE announced that they were retooling the show to feature more FCW talent, I had some high hopes. The WWE needs to put more of a focus on the future of the company and this seemed like a step in a good direction, but is it any good?

Lets’ find out.

A new era of stuff…

So we open the show with a voice over talking about most people want to get to this point and that these wrestlers are the future of the WWE.  Also the video looks like it feature a clip of Kane chockslaming Heath Slaghter, a metaphor for his whole career.

The venue that the show was recorded in looks cool, with WWE and NXT logos just about everywhere. It looks professional unlike the old Florida Championship Wrestling set. The crowd even looked like they were interested in being there.

Following that JR comes out. He talks about how he’s excited about the upcoming season pushing the importance of the up and coming talent. He then introduces the new interim GM Dusty Rhodes. Dusty intros the main event of the night: Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty.

After that we get the first of many taped promos introducing a rookie, this one showing off Bo Dallas. Dallas is a third generation star (son of IRS and grand son of Black Jack Mulligan) and he cuts a generic “I’m here to be a winner” promo and we quickly cut too commercial.

We come back with a Raw 1000 episode promo featuring Jerry Lawler and his memory of Vince in the Hospital.

The show, now 10 minutes in, starts its first match. Bo Dallas takes on fellow unknown Rick Victor (the final Dungeon student).

On commentary for the night were JR and William Regal. It’s great to hear JR, unlike Michael Cole; he’s good at play-by-play.

The match is pretty good, as both Dallas and Victor get opportunities to show off their chops even though the Dallas promo would make us think he’s going to win. The match ends when Dallas hits a spear to win.

After the match Dallas gets a microphone put in his face and he doesn’t say a whole lot besides “get ready for more of Bo”.

After that we get our next promo, this time for a wrestler that won’t be on this weeks show, Seth Rollins formerly Tyler Black on the independent scene. A commercial follows.

Not quite the Genius but close enough…

After another short promo for FCW graduate Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) we see a man who was once on Smackdown Damon Sandow. He’s scheduled to take on the man with one of the worst names in wrestling Jason Jordon.

Sandow is doing a whole Lanny “The Genius” Poffo thing. He calls his opponent an idiot and says he’s not going to wrestle. Why? Cause he’s too damn smart for you.

So after that non-match we get another promo, this time for a team called Ascension. The promo looks like a bad trailer for the CW network. The video features a bad green screen that makes the team look like they’re on top of a building of some kind. It somehow looked worse than an episode of Sanctuary (sick burn?).

Thankfully there are no more green screens…

After a commercial break and the RAW Rebound of Ace getting fired and beaten up. Then we get to see the entrance for Ascension. The team is made up of Kenneth Cameron and Connor O’Brian and these guys look like a bunch of extras for a new Blade film as the come out to the ring in leather coats with coloured contacts that glow in the dark. They get to take of Mike Dalton and CJ Parker.

Ascension beat the piss out of the jobbers, taking quick tags and double-teaming them. They hit their finisher and the match ends with out Parker even entering the ring. After the match Ascension do this like roaring thing.

Before the commercial we get our next promo for someone not on the show, this time for Bray Wyatt. He tells us that monsters exist and that he’s one of them. We can tell he’s a monster cause he’s standing at a lake and he’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a straw hat…very scary.

I keep forgetting that Kidd is still on the roster…

After the break we’re treated to a live promo that takes place in the men’s bathroom. The promo features Derek Bateman and Johnny Curtis.  They talk about how they’re going to beat each other up next week during the main event.  This is a terrible promo, neither of do a good job of putting over the match as they just spew out these dumb line that sound extremely force. Remember kids if a man in a leather coat asks you to meet him in a bathroom, find an adult.

So after…that we get our main event between McGillicutty and Kidd. Before the match the commentators talk about McGillicutty’s father Curt Henning, so why is his name McGillicutty? It’s a terrible name, and it’s a pain to have to type.

In the early going of the match a USA chant happens, which made me laugh, because McGillicutty just screams American hero.

Both of these guys are pretty good wrestlers and a great choice for the first main event. Despite the skill, the crowd doesn’t really get into the match all that much until they move to a faster pace. They really pick back up when Kidd hits the dive spot onto the floor. Following that we cut to our final commercial break.

While JR and Regal hadn’t really had the time to interact in the earlier matches, this match shows off just how good they are together. JR is the best play-by-play in the business and Regal does a good job of informing the audience about the back-story of some of the wrestlers as well as history of the industry.

McGillicutty was in control for most of the match but Kidd uses his speed to get the momentum later in the match. After a couple of Sharpshooter spots, Kidd wins with his own submission, the Dungeon lock. Overall, it was a pretty good match.

In the End…

The episode was good. We saw a lot of good talent during the night during the matches. While the promo’s made the show lag a little bit, it helped the audience understand who some of these guys are. I’ve got a pretty good feeling for this run of NXT and I’m going to keep watching, it can’t be any worse than RAW has been the past few weeks can it?

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