Blue Gender Review

The Japanese aren’t new to post apocalyptic fiction. In fact if there was a nation that should know first hand to have their world destroyed it would be Japan. In just 50 plus years after the end of WWII Japan rebuilt itself, so it’s easy to see the inspiration for a title like Blue Gender.

Blue Gender was created by Ryosuke Tahahashi of Armored Troops Votoms and Gasaraki fame. The show was produced by Studio AIC, and is currently licensed to Funimation Entertainment in North America.

The show follows Yuji Kaido. In 2009 Kaido is diagnosed with a new disease and, along with others, is put into a cryogenic stasis to wait until a cure is found. When Kaido is awoken 22 years later by a group of people, one of which named Marlene Angel he finds a world that is inhabited by a new race of bug creatures called the Blue.

The bugs quickly became the dominant life form on earth leaving the survivors to flee to stations in space called Second Earth. They try to find more people to help them eliminate the creatures that have taken over the planet.

Kaido is trained and has to fight along with the other survivors. They fight using an arsenal of weapons including mechs.  Despite the weaponry at their disposal the Blue become more difficult to kill as they adapt and evolve through generations and climates.

At a glance this show is very similar to Starship Troopers, the only major difference between the two is what makes Troopers so interesting, its message.

“The Only Good Bug, Is A Dead Bug…”

While both properties are about killing giant bugs, Troopers was more focused on asking questions about what it means to be a soldier and a citizen. While there as some of those elements in Blue Gender, it doesn’t do it as strongly.

While Troopers (the book at least) was comfortable talking about these themes and following them through different situations (most of the time not on the battle field) Blue Gender focuses much more on shooting bugs in the heart with an assault rifle.

This could be because of the characters as a whole. While Kaido starts as a scared nerdy guy, he becomes hardened by what he sees in the world. While this is a full arc his love interest Angel’s arc is well nowhere as good.

She starts off as a no nonsense ass kicker who doesn’t really have time for Kaido’s crap and in the end she turns doe eyed and more or less does whatever Kaido says. Character changes like that just seem forced.

One thing that the anime has going for it is the addition of nudity and sexuality. While this may seem like a strange complement to give to the show, the fact that people would have sex like rabbits makes sense when you won’t live to see tomorrow.

Another issue with the show is the ending. Without spoiling too much of it, lets just say that it’s kind of clunky and the idea that everyone can live together is harmony has never really been a very good way to end a show.

Apparently there is a film that acts as a summarized version of the series and has a different ending. While I’ve never seen the film I hope that it isn’t as forced as this one was.

Despite the shows lack of a shallow and underdeveloped message and oddly placed nudity the show is entertaining. It drags a bit in the latter half but it will be enjoyable to fans looking for some bug killing action and boobs.

The anime can be found easily of sites like Amazon but if your cheap it’s on YouTube for free.

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