Kimbra- Vows Review

From general obscurity, to a number one single, Kimbra has done a lot for a 22 year old. With her collaboration with Gotye, Somebody that I Used to Know, played all over the world for the past year her already Platinum debut album, Vows, finally gets a North American and European release.

While I’ve already spoken about Kimbra and her first North American release, I didn’t really know what to expect with her full album. Despite the hesitance the album is foot firmly planted in the right direction.

The album starts up with her original single Settle Down and the rest of the album continues in a similar direction.

Kimbra’s sound has been described as a mixture between modern day pop and traditional jazz and soul music and never is that more demonstrated than in one of the other singles on the album Good Intent. The track uses modern studio techniques to make her layered voice just as important as the jazzy bass line that fills in the track.

Other tracks like Come in My Head, focuses more on modern pop and electronic music. The features a more beat driven sound backed with a funk rhythm section. The combination makes this track one of the strongest on the album.

The Deluxe version of the album features two versions of the classic Plain Gold Ring. The first being a live reworked version that features Kimbra’s looping and layered vocals’ while the bonus version is modeled closer to the traditional Nina Simone rendition. While Simone’s version is the more famous, I prefer Kimbra’s version due to the strong vocals and heavy reliance on the guitar to fill in the spaces.

This album is a solid first effort for Kimbra and it demonstrates her style of music quite well. While she might be known now for the Gotye song, it won’t be long before she’s more known for her solo work.

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