WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Review

Did Cena pinch Lesnar's ass in this picture?

So just a few weeks after Wrestlemania the WWE gave us another PPV, Extreme Rules from Chicago. Let me start off this review by saying that I missed the first two matches, but they weren’t the ones that people were paying for. Santino is still the US Champ and Orton beat Kane, who cares.

Broadus Clay vs. Dolph “I deserve more than this” Ziggler

These two (along with Swagger and Vikki) have been feuding for the past month and it hasn’t amounted to much of anything. At this point it’s almost a joke to watch Ziggler wrestle cause he’s so miss used by the company. Clay wins, big shocker.

IC Title: Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes in a Table Match

The match stipulation was added during the preshow that I missed but from the looks of it they just wanted a match type that wasn’t to similar to a street fight, so tables it is. The shocker here comes in the ending.

As Big Show tries to enter the ring Rhodes kicks the rope and Show’s foot goes through the table, making Rhodes the winner. Show snaps and throws Rhodes through two tables on of which was from the ring to the floor. The crowd pops for Rhodes as he leaves under his own power.

As an aside Cole during the match mentions that Show is one of five people to hold all of the WWE titles along with such wrestlers as Owen Hart…was their a WWF title run that I don’t remember? Also I look on Wikipedia and there are 24 people who have held at least four titles in the past (that includes Benoit) so I have no idea what point he was trying to make here.

Heavyweight Title: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan Two out of three falls match

Before the match we see a promo with Bryan and Matt Striker. Striker asks why Bryan thinks he has the advantage in the match. Bryan belittles him calling him a terrible teacher and says that he’s a better wrestler, he has a better beard and that Sheamus is like Chicago, over rated.

During the promo the crowd chants “Yes” despite this Lawler says that he heard “No” chants, which I though was funny cause he normally hears, yes we women say no.

The match surprisingly is pretty good. Both guys get to look good during the match as Sheamus uses the face pace to beat up Bryan but Bryan slows him down with submissions. Also Sheamus adds a Texas Cloverleaf to his repertoire of moves (cause he’s Irish).

The first fall comes via DQ as Bryan doesn’t stop kicking Sheamus’s arm by a count of five. The second happens when Sheamus passes out in the Yeslock. The doctor’s (who get a work out tonight) wake him up and the match continues. The last fall comes when Sheamus hits the third Bro Kick to win.

This was the match of the night for me. Both guys really got to show off, this is what should have happened at Mania.

Time Killer: Ryback vs. Two Jobbers

So to fill out the PPV we’re treated to a match featuring two jobbers and a bunch of steroids in a human body. The jobbers cut a promo and even the commentators make fun of them. Ryback wins, the crowd chants Goldberg.

WWE Title: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk Street Fight

So what started as a promising feud between two great wrestlers ends in a street fight, sigh. Both wrestlers don’t come down in ring gear but street cloths as we see that this isn’t a wrestling match but a brawl. The two use the ring and a selection of chairs and Kendo sticks to beat each other up.

They had some good spots during the match but the one that stands out was when Punk hit the elbow onto Jericho through the Spanish announce table (it’s funny cause their Spanish) but that wasn’t the finish.

The match goes on about five minutes too long in my opinion, as I was pretty out of it when the finish came. Punk drove Jericho into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits the GTS to win.

Diva’s Title: Nikk Bella vs. Not Phoenix but Layla

So after the match we see a back stage promo with the Bella’s making fun of Beth for being injured. EVE walks by and says she isn’t cleared to wrestle and that the Nikki will have to face a mystery opponent that isn’t Karma (that made me laugh).

The mystery challenger turned out to be Layla who was making her debut after a year of being injured (really, last year during Extreme Rules she was injured). The Bella’s are leaving so as you could imagine Layla wins.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar Extreme Rules

So the time that casual fans have been waiting for finally comes, Brock Lesnar comes back to the WWE. He’s wearing his MMA gear and looks pretty pumped for the match. Cena comes out with his old Chain (why yes that is important) and tries to act scared.

With in the first ten seconds of the match Brock cuts Cena open with an elbow. The ref and doctors patch him up and the match continues. Cena run’s at Lesnar cause he’s Cena and he cracks him open again.

After another stoppage Lesnar continues to beat Cena up. Lesnar puts Cena in a Kimora arm lock and Cena either sells it really well or didn’t have to sell it at all.

The ref gets knocked out as Cena mounts some offense. The ref sells like death for about five minutes as Lesnar just destroys Cena. Lesnar picks up the ref one handed and throws him into the ring as he tries to finish Cena off. He hits the F-5 but in the process knocks the ref out again. Another ref comes for the count but Super Cena kicks out. Brock then beats up the ref and throws the steal steps into the ring.

The finish comes from a weird spot. Cena got some offense in but Lesnar knocks him out of the ring. Cena gets up on the apron and Brock jumps at him and lands outside the ring and onto his leg. Brock just shakes it off cause he’s Brock F*cking Lesnar. He tries to do it again but Cena raps him chain around his hand and punches Lesnar in the face, cracking him open. Cena hits the AA on the steps and wins the match.

After the match Cena cuts an odd promo. He says that despite his win, he’s going to be fired. He continued by says that all of the people in the back give there all for the fans and that if he has to take a “vacation” he’s happy it happened like this.

I think the best thing fore Cena at this point would be to go away for a while, relax maybe make a movie and come back in a few months, I’m kind of tired of seeing him and I’m not a big detractor of the guy.

In the End…

So despite the fact that I missed two of the matches, I thought this was a good PPV. Despite the length of the Punk/Jericho match it was one of three good matches on the card (along with Bryan/Sheamus and Lesnar/Cena). I’d even go as far as saying that it was even better than this years Wrestlemania because it had three good matches. However, with just three weeks till the next PPV Over the Limit will they be able to produce another solid event? I hope so.

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