WTF? A Hologram Tupac

While I didn’t pay too much attention to the Coachella festival that took place over the weekend, the one story that seems to keep popping up is the Tupac hologram that appeared during Snoop Dog’s performance. While this is interesting piece of technology, it brings up a question: Why? I understand that this is a technical wonder, but couldn’t the effort that went into this go towards something other than a dead musician appearing for one song at a festival? And the fact that it was Tupac that made me think this, they could of easily had Kurt Coban, Elvis or Michael Jackson and it still would have seemed weird to me. A very similar thing was done a number of years ago at the Grammys when Madonna and the Gorillaz shared the stage for a segment. The difference between these two is the fact that one wasn’t a real group of people (sorry according to Wikipedia Madonna is a real person, who knew?). Despite the complaint, it was kind of cool to hear Tupac lay down some lines.

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