Rob Johnson- Throw the Sun into the Sea Review

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It’s can be difficult for instrumental musicians to get their names out there. Aside from Joe Satrino or classical composers there isn’t much of a market for songs without words. For Rob Johnson’s newest album, Throw the Sun into the Sea it’s his interesting use of instrumentation that makes up for the lack of lyrics.

From the opening track of the album, The Wasp and the Flame, you can tell that Johnson is working on something different. With the use of guitar harmonics and electronics create this spacey feeling to the track. Johnson continues this atmosphere throughout the album, as he continues to mix electronic and acoustic instruments through all ten tracks.

Despite the spacey feelings that come from most of the tracks, other songs like Anchors Hold on to Hope change up the mood by featuring more acoustic guitar playing backed by string flourishes.

While Johnson’s instrumentation bounces back and forth from folk guitars to Sci Fi electronics the two elements never get in the way of each other. The two different worlds seem to fit in quite nicely with each other and the running time of 31 minutes can fly right by.

One of the things that comes to mind with the album is its film score like nature. This appeared to be what Johnson wanted as he created a short film that went along with the album. I’ll go into the film more in another review.

If you looking for music that can change from one mood to another, Throw the Sun into the Sea is a great album for that. While it might not have lyrics to go with the songs, the atmosphere that Johnson creates should fill in the blanks.

To get the album check out Johnson’s website for all the details, and while your there check out his blog, it’s quite entertaining. For his move check out his mini-site here. Also for more info on Rob Johnson check out my interview with him here.

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