Mass Effect 3 Ending

So we destroyed Sovereign and kicked the Collectors in the face and now its time to take on the Reapers directly in Mass Effect 3. However when the dust clear the ending of the game left people with more questions than answers and it left even more angry.

I played the game a little later than most people due to school, and heard from friends how bad the ending was. I kept an open mind cause I didn’t want their opinions to interfere with my ending.

Let me say that I have no issues with the ending of Mass Effect 3. When I saw it, I thought it made sense; it was traditional Sci Fi adventure stuff. However when I thought about it there were some elements about it that didn’t make sense. Namely how easy the three endings seemed and why Shepard lived in my play through.

So a few days later a friend of mine sent me a link to a video. The video was created to shin some light on the ending of the game and you know what? It really made sense.

After watching the video, I can say that it made an already great Sci Fi franchise even better. While it made the ending be a bit dense and was more or less left up to for interpretation that, in my opinion, is what makes Sci Fi stories like Mass Effect great.

While I did get the “true” ending, it didn’t really sink in just how the final scene affected the ending. So I liked it.

A friend of mine expressed his anger at the final scene of the game, were a kid is being told stories about “the Shepard” and how he thought that was a bad ending. However, the game is filled with legends. For example we hear a great deal of the Protheans and the Reapers, both of these are at first just legends. So after Shepard units the galaxy to fight the Reapers it makes sense that he would become one himself.

Despite the issues that people had with the game, Mass Effect 3 is a great ending to a franchise that has captured a lot of people’s attention and love. People need to learn that despite what they want, things can and in most cases will turn out to be something different. Don’t believe me? Ask a Lost fan about bad endings.

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