ROH: Showdown in the Sun Night Two

The second day of ROH’s Showdown in the Sun has to make up for something in some ways. The first night had some good matches but was pledged by technical issues. The second night…had issues of it’s own

Night Two: Even more issues.

The event started like always with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness prepping the audience for the event, however the were interrupted by the new/old evil Jimmy Jacobs. He says that when he fought Steen at Final Battle he realized that he was evil and that he liked it. After that El Generico comes out with a ref and a match is called.

The match is a good way to start off the event. ROH has done it many times before.

The match wasn’t anything special as they only get about 10 minutes to wrestle. The finish comes when Jacobs brings out the spike and tries to hit Generico. Generico grabs the spike and Jacobs rolls him up for the three count. The feud continues.

Ciampa vs. Alexander

After the impromptu match we get our first scheduled match of the event with the Embassy’s Ciampa vs. Alexander with his partner Coleman by his side. The commentators play up that Embassy doesn’t have the belt with them and that they still have to give it back. R.D. Evans comes to the announce position and says they’ll give it back Lethal latter on in the night.

The match is pretty good, with both of the wrestlers getting to shin during the match. I love the booking with Ciampa. I love a good streak and I hope that he actually wins the TV belt and Lethal does the chase to get it back.

The finish comes after Alexander takes a good bump when he’s thrown arm first into the turnbuckle and kneed twice in the head. After the match he beats up Coleman as well.

Interpromotional Match: Fire Ant (Chikara) vs. TJ Perkins

The following match was more or less set up to advertise the upcoming event between ROH and Chikara. I’m not too familiar with Chikara but after this match I might check them out.

Both guys put on a great show with their speed on display during the match. Its very Lucha libre like with lots of cool counters throughout. The finish comes when Perkin’s hits the 450 splash oh Fire Ant. All-around a great match.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole

This was another match that I was looking forward to a great deal. I like O’Reilly and Cole is OK, but there’s something cool about the breaking up of a team that is interesting in Wrestling. However, more technical issues took over.

This time the issues are even worse than audio sinking as the stream says that the building lost power. However when the power returns the event in on intermission…did the match happen? WTF? This is crap. A look at Wikipedia says that O’Reilly won for what it’s worth.

Street Fight: Young Bucks vs. All-Night Express

The second match between these two in two nights. This time both teams were ready for a fight. The Bucks brought brooms but the All-Nights brought trashcans, chairs and even a shopping cart. The match is a cluster f*ck with all wrestlers fighting around the ring area until…the feed cuts out. Yes once again there’s an issue with the feed. I’m sure the match was great but once again, I can’t see it. Again ROH proving that the 20 bucks I paid was worth it.

Somebody won this match, but it wasn’t me. Once again according to Wikipedia the Young Bucks won.

Tag Titles Match: Briscoes vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Despite the push that comes from the ROH bookers, I don’t like either of these teams. I understand that the Brisoces are almost mascots for the company but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. So I’m sorry if I don’t spend a lot of time on this one.

They beat the piss out of each other and the finish comes when Jay Briscoe rolls up Haas to get the three count. Moving on.

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards

We get the first of our three main events, Steen vs. Edwards. Steen once again takes the time to beat up a Cornette Face sign before the match. He also has some of the biggest pops of the night with his actions; first he does the Bryan Danielson five-count thing, then posses for pictures and then does his cannon ball attack on the stage to Edwards who was sitting in a chair. The finish comes when Steen goes for the Sharpshooter, Edwards reverses the moving into a half-Boston crab only to have Steen roll him up into a three count.

TV Title: Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

Before this match could start Ciampa with the TV title comes down to the ring. He says he’ll give back the belt if he puts up against Strong in their match. Lethal agrees and Strong cashes in his proving ground win.  Ciampa sits at ringside.

These two get a descent amount of time to put on a very technical match. There were a lot of counters and holds. This match was pretty good, despite the crowd being dead for most of it. They pick up during the knife-edge chop spots. Both of these guys pound the hell out of each other’s chests.

The finish comes when Lethal’s Lethal Injection is blocked and Ciampa throws him into the guardrail, letting Strong hit the suplex/back breaker to get the three count. This makes Strong the second Triple Crown winner in ROH.

ROH World Title: Michael Elgin vs. Davey Richards

Aside from the Storm/Bennett match this was the match I was looking most forward too and these two delivered.

The match went on for about 40 minutes and had about 20 kick outs.

These two kick the holy hell out of each other. There were some great spot during the match Richards delivering a super-German sulpex off to Elgin only for him to kick out. Another great spot came when Elgin out powered Richards into a German suplex then a kick to a suplex/side slam to a cross face.

Elgin also Hulked through a bunch of Richards big moves, this match really showed people just how amazing Elgin is.

The finish comes when Richards kicks Elgin in the head about six or seven times. After the match Richards (after a couple of WWE jokes) said that Elgin would be champion one day but not today.

Whatever I write here won’t ever match up to seeing the match. This isn’t just my favourite match of 2012 but one of my favourite all time matches. You need to see it. It almost made up for all of the issues with production

In the end…

While the matches were great, the past two nights were a god dam disaster. With sinking issues and brown outs, ROH has bad luck with their pay-per-views. It’s something that they need to figure out. Still the DVD for this event will be a great package.

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